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  1. Hello there! I'm wickedwonderland and I've been RPing for several years now. If anybody would like to join me in an RP please let me know. I can do One on One or group setting. I can also do multiple characters as well.

    I like fantasy or horror settings but am open to anything.

    Also I don't mind doing any gender pairings and can play straight, gay or bi. However, I tend to play male characters much better than females.

    Open to any idea, no matter how strange (:

    I don't require a certain skill level, beginners are welcome and as long as I can read what you write I'm not very picky about grammar although I try to use spell check with my own replies. However please don't use one liners and I like to keep my rp's going so please give me enough to work with for replies!

    Please be sure to let me know if you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time.Of course what I mean by extended is more than a week. I'll try my best to let you know if I'm going to be gone for a long time as well. It's always frustrating when your RP just dries up and fades away, especially when you were really enjoying it.

    Story Plots

    Twisted Sleeping Beauty- Sleeping beauty has been asleep for almost 200 years when suddenly waking up without the magical 'kiss'. Nothing but dust is stirring and the clothes have rotted away to nothing. Steps can be heard coming up the steps. Boy are they gonna get a surprise when Sleeping Beauty turns out to be a beautiful man!

    Dark Alice in Wonderland Ok I am obsessed with the darker versions of Alice in Wonderland. I'm a big fan of American Mcgee's Alice. I would love to do an Alice based rp if anyone is interested. Also if anyone has read The Looking Glass Wars trilogy I'd love to do something along those lines as well.

    Twisted Beauty and Beast I just finished reading the book Beastly and thought it would cool to do an rp loosely based on this concept. It definitely wasn't Disney that's for sure! If anyone has any ideas on where to go with this idea please let me know!

    Labyrinth The Goblin King still reigns and has been watching Toby ever since his sister stole him away from his clutches. Toby is now a teenager and longs to go to the world his sister told him about. Even though he should have thought it was nothing but a made up story he knows deep inside that this place is real and he longs to go there and see for himself. NOTE I would prefer to make this a yaoi rp (MxM) and would like to play Toby though I am open to play Jareth as well.

    The Selection series
    I'm wanting to do something perhaps in the same universe as these books or maybe just a RP based on the premise of the books. If anyone is interested please let me know!

    I would also be interested in a pirate theme! No story lines yet but I'm open for anything!

    I would like to know if anyone is interested in starting an old story plot I had on another site. It ended up dying because the person moved or something and I never could get in touch with them. Here's the original plot: Snow White has a legendary obsession with the number seven, he's always been drawn to it. This young prince, with perfect white skin and quite the Ego, so he decided to take seven fiances. He has already captured six girls into his harem, but the quest for the 7th one seems harder than he'd believe!

    In the story he keeps finding princesses that end up being princes instead. They all have their quirks and personality issues. Instead of just leaving them where he found them, he brings them along since most of them have nowhere else to go. It ends up for some very interesting company!

    will add more later when I can think of them! Feel free to PM me as well.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    student x student
    student x teacher
    sibling x sibling
    Mad scientist x assistant
    werewolf x werewolf
    Winter Fae x Summer Fae
    Fae x Mortal
    Fae x Fae
    Pirate x stowaway
    Mad Hatter x White Rabbit (yaoi please!)
    Cheshire Cat x Mad Hatter (yaoi please!)
    White Rabbit x Cheshire Cat
    Grell x Sebastian (black butler)

    I was looking up some pictures for future rp's and ran across this one. I really want to do a role play with him as my character! I'm not sure exactly what plot wise, the only thing I had rambling around in my head was a sci-fi setting. Anyone else have any ideas??!! Please PM me if you do and title it Stitched so I know you're interested in this specific picture!

  2. Hei hei hei I'd like to try the twisted sleeping beauty with you! :D

    But if you don't mind, I'd like to make it a high fantasy roleplay as well :P ones with flying ships and all.
  3. Yeah we can totally do that
  4. I love to rp so maybe we could be a good match. Since you like horror, you wanna do on rp based on the walking dead? Send me a message if you're interested :)
  5. we could possibly do that but I'm a bit rusty on my Walking Dead
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