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  1. OoC Thread

    It was yet another day in the World of DimenShift, an MMO of somewhat mediocre proportions. Nevertheless, it was reputed for its fun, just like every MMO should. Nevermind how there are better choices when it came to graphics, the graphics are at the right amount of decency to not fry your potato, and it runs smoothly on your little war machine.

    On this very day, the Clan known as [Red Ravens] finds themselves in the middle of a pickle. Currently in the third room of the White Willow Dungeon in the Orient Realm, the frosty white trees were not the only sign of company. As the Clan entered the zone, the fair deal of the trees came to life, revealing fruit that bore faces. They slithered with their roots, like beasts.

    Each of them were called 'Frost Jinmenju', some bigger, some smaller, but all of them possessing the same shape.

    "You know the drill everyone," the tall, built man wearing a martial artist's gi, Kongoumaru, shouts, "stand in formation."

    "I'm sure all of them will feel my sweet, sweet, love~" a petite, green-wearing Matcha chirps.

    "The Mandrake superfamily is unaffected by Charm status, with a few exceptions. This includes the many Jinmenju subspecies," Kongoumaru nods, "you've forgotten, haven't you?"

    "Yaaa~" Matcha says, "the only thing I want to remember is my time with my lovelies~ but mostly Hachi~"

    Matcha gazes at young Hachi, before a root bonks her in the head.

    "Ehehe~ I screwed up~"

    "Some things never change," Kongoumaru says, "Red Ravens, let's go!"

    THREE MONTHS. Sorry I took that long guys. I wanted to set the thread up first in case my intended announcement ended up becoming another empty promise, or empty hope.

    Hmmm... now that I think of it, that's how Tribal Wars died. Eeeeehhhh... alrighty.

    A name for our Clan(yeah 'Gang' sounded meh) was not decided in-thread, so I decided to...
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