Please Be Gentle (Just a Few Ideas)

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  1. This is my first time doing rps like this, so please don't rip me apart if these ideas stink. And yes, I am very much influenced by shoujo manga at the moment.

    Sacrifice: (Setting Undecided)(need a male)
    For centuries, the kingdom of Envie has been under the protection of the god, Luxure. And every 7 years, a village is chosen to sacrifice a young virgin woman to the god to ensure the kingdom's prosperity. This year, the village of Desir is chosen, except for one problem. There hasn't been a daughter born in Desir for over 30 years. So, instead, the people of Desir dress up one of their young men as a girl and uses him as the sacrifice.

    Shoved into a wooden box and left in the mountains to pretty much die, the boy has no intention of being sacrificed to some god. He gets saved though by none other than Luxure, who turns out to be a goddess and not a god. Now the boy must run for his life as Envie learns of his survival. And things are made worse by the fact that Luxure is following him around, neglecting her duties and making the people even more pissed at him.

    Choose Me: (Modern Setting)(need a man and an angel)
    Every thousand years, God and the Devil play a little game. One man is chosen on earth to decide which side is better: good or evil, order or chaos, peace or freedom. Their one rule is that they themselves cannot directly influence the man's decision. So, instead, an angel and a demon are sent to the chosen one, willing to do anything to sway him to their side. Will the man be tossed around by these two or will he take advantage of their will to win?And who will he choose in the end?

    Love Lessons: (High School Setting)(FILLED)
    One of the most popular boys in school is rumored to be a complete playboy who has slept with many girls (Whether it's just a rumor or not is up to you.). He is asked by the student council vice president to teach her about sex, holding a secret of his against him. The two begin their physical relationship, but the boy can't help but wonder why she asked him to do this in the first place.

    Hades: (Modern Setting)(FILLED)
    A college student is kidnapped on his way home for winter break and locked in an abandoned prison. (Because nothing is more romantic than a place reminiscent of crime and sodomy.) His captor is a young woman he doesn't know and yet claims to love him. Will the woman listen to reason or will he have to escape on his own? How does she know him? And what of the girlfriend and family looking for him?
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  2. Really interested in the last one. Usually I won't do sex based roleplays, but my sex scenes are a bit...rusty. Need practice.
  3. Hmm
    Blackmail and romance eh? I could go for that highschool one.
  4. Huh. People actually replied . . . I mean, yay, people replied.

    Anyway, I suppose we don't need to post characters or anything. These sorts of stories would be more fun if secrets and characters are slowly revealed with time. Though there would be certain complications that require prior knowledge, wouldn't it?

    In Logic's case, I'd need to know why the kidnapper loves the victim.

    And in Rushie's case, I just need to know the secret the boy's hiding.

    Hm, conflicted. I suppose I'll just send you both PMs, asking for the required information.