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Preferred Platform?

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  7. Nintendo Console

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  1. Sometimes it's not as fun as playing with others.

    Got some games you want to try out with people who won't declare you a person of color and also a purveyor of penises?

    People who won't belittle the wonderful woman your mother was and not bring up her horrific sexual deviancy?

    Post your friend codes, steam ID, gamer tag, or psn name and some thing or things you're wanting to play.
  2. As for mine:

    3ds friend code: 2938-6481-7737. Wouldn't mind some other casual players to get into monster hunter 4 once it's released.

    SteamID: kiarrn. Look me up and check my library. There are tons of games I have and wouldn't mind playing with folks.

    PSN/Gamertag: kiarrn. Recently got dying light and would like to try out cooperative sometime. Don't use my xbox much anymore, so that's out. Also have a few vita games I never got to try multiplayer with.
  3. I thought this thread was something COMPLETELY different...

    Also, I might need to make a new steam some time though overall I have nothing but a PC which I can't use (untill recently) because I live in WA currently and my PC is still in CA. (which I'm visiting).I'll let you all know my Steam sooner or later. C:
  4. Oi! Where's the love for Nintendo in this poll?

    GameCube for life.
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  5. Same. I was gonna bust in and make a dirty joke.

    I tend to play by myself, since none of my sisters and family members actually want to play with me ;A;. I only have one controller anyway, and no cool games to play
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  6. Dafuq is this? Either way, my game name is: dk119. I enjoy having more people in my posse to shit on so you're welcome to join my side as I dominate all of my opponents if you want :D I only really play the Master Chief Collection at the moment on ze Xbox one sooo yeahhh XD

    Edited: Didn't see the second post but I guess I'll leave it up for anyone else wishing to join my posse.
  7. That was exactly my thought, why does everyone always gotta exclude Nintendo?
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  8. Cause I forgot. Technically it's in there under handhelds!
  9. PSN: supernicenow

    I play some BF4, Dragon Age, and Minecraft; but, mostly BF4.
  10. Lev is Levusti on Steam! Kinda hard to miss me. I think I'm the only one with that name.

    Anyways, I also have a 3DS but I'm too lazy to post my friend code right now.

    Games I LOVE to play: Team Fortress 2, Town of Salem, and Awesomenauts.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. NES

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  13. Hey, quit with the faces!

    It's fixed!
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  14. Steam ID: falseknights < I mostly only play single player games on Steam, but I also play Starbound on occasion!

    League of Legends: Garnet < I know I added some people from here before, but it seems like no one is really on, haha. :< I'd love to play with some people... used to have a lot of friends I played this with, and it was fantastic. Alas, life happens, and now it's only my best friend and I on occasion.

    Guild Wars 2: kettering.6823 on Tarnished Coast!

    Also, PC master race, blah blah blah.
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  15. I have a PC, 360 and PS4. >.>

    I guess PS4 is my preferred. BF4 takes it.

    I only really play online on my PS4, my PSN is the same as my username here: FrenziedAce
  16. @Windsong I was going to figuratively punch you in the face when I saw this thread.

    I have an Atari.
    The old one... With [rainbow]"ADVENTURE"[/rainbow] on it.
    I get so silly whenever I play games on it. I act like it's all epic and new and start screaming XD.

    Ps2, yes. Burnout was tops, and Final fantasy... and- up! 2006. Hey there Wii!

    I have a Wii. I also have a DS. Both Wi-Fi servers are down so yeah, no reason to pull out my friend-code list. Too many favourite games to list.
    (Online wise Monster hunter Tri was the icing, The Last Story was the invisible cake(underrated), and Smash bros. Brawl was just the cherry some people wanted to throw away.)

    Ps3. Yes. I have like... 5 different accounts because of Japan, Korea and the U.K.
    They get different stuff and different deals.
    Still play the heck out of Deus EX:HR though. And the MGS series. And far too many more to list.
    Main account is SomecallmeReks (I think that's how it's spelled)(I was in love with the Sonic game with that "They call me Sonic" song on it and FFXII when I made that account name. so yeah..)
    I'm thinking of changing that status to my other NA account. (One I made when I was in love with Katamari Damacy, go figure.)
    (I don't have my Ps3 though, I'll be getting it back by March-May, sometime around then. Parent issues, something minor, because gaming is totally more distracting than watching TV.)

    (And then there's my headset. @Minibit That crappy one I tried using on new years? It broke. January 2nd. So I'll have to get a younger, sleeker, more curvy, and sexy one eventually since Ps3 friends still want to hear my voice when gaming and all. it's convenient and all. We love your refined-ish to us voice and all.)

    Steam, had. Completely forgot what it was and just let it be.
    Didn't really try getting back on that.
    I don't know, I just got dissatisfied with playing games on a cpu?

    Oh, and a bunch of mobile games ranging from .hack:Guilty Dragon(Though it's a JPN app store exclusive) to some game named Terra Battle.
  17. I play exclusively on the PC. It's cheap.

    Steam ID: Klengo

    Alternatively, you can search for "theicepotato" and I should be the first on the list.

    My library is full of random garbage multiplayer games that I occasionally boot up.
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  18. Mostly DS and 3DS for me lately, I don't trust my dorm mates enough to bring my PS3 to the dorm.

    It's Pokemon and RF4 for me at the current time
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  19. There needs to be an option for "Nearly Everything".

    Boyfriend and I have a PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, 3DS XL, (Soon New 3DS XL as well), Sega dream cast, my Asus gaming laptop and his own custom PC. (Three freakin' monitors that we need to get a bigger desk for)
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  20. I don't play a whole lot of multi-player games, but it is always interesting to see what others are playing and what they think of those games.

    Steam ID: longlivestan

    Xbox live (360): LongLiveSTAN (case sensitive)

    Origin: Killjointica
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