Playing With Fire

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  1. "You got to know when to hold em....

    "Know when to fold em'....

    "You never- Eh?"

    "You ever going to play your cards Lady!?"

    "Can it pint sized, I got it."

    So, it had been about a week for this adventure and three days prior to her adventure it went south. She was just minding her own business walking down the streets of New York and fantasising about the various geletto stands and the ice-cream of course. When one moment it took, only one moment and her whole entire world flipped upside down. Now for any other person this would not have been an issue but for her... she didn't want it. It wasn't any adventurer wanted to, in the end every book she'd ever read the hero never liked being called to do their duty. She was far from a hero though and besides sitting here playing cards on the floor of some random subway station in a world she knew nothing about, she was waiting, waiting to meet up with the mage that had brought her here. She took a sigh in and then played her cards.

    "Well miss I think I beat you," the man dropped his cards and smiled widely.

    "Meh no one said I was ever good at cards," She rose and shrugged grabbing for her bag but the man grabbed her arm stopping her.

    "Pay up lady,"

    "Oh, right... I owe tyou, my bad." She turned snapping his neck but before kletting him fall to the ground she leaned in close and hesitated, but did, bite him. His blood was good and it had been a long time since she'd last fed. Licking her lips after killing him and searching his body for anything she could get- which was a score since he had about a hundred dollars on him and a pocket watch, the time displayed at about noon, the time the mage promised he would be here to meet up with her. She pulled out a phone, which was the only thing she had crossed into this world with reading the messages from the stranger and sighed again.

    "Where in the fuck is he?!"

    In truth she had no idea if he... really was a he, all she got was one text message from him that said sorry, and after that another a few hours later that told her to wait by the subway, that he would meet her there, hopefully to return her to which she came. This world was curious and spending a week here every day at noon waiting for a man that would never come was beginning to frustrate her. After feeding, killing and being here for a week, it was beginning to feel she would never escape this place. People aside from the human she just killed were attacking her and other people all the time, death was everywhere, aside from that this place was no different than her world. Only this one was more run down and almost apocalyptic type. She tapped her phone and then stuck it in her jeans pocket before stopping to pull back her hair and then she saw it... a boy, a young boy... a child no older than ten- looking.

    "Whatcha looking at kid? Ain't never seen someone die before?"

    {So it sucks... but... I was hoping you could play off this... at least a little.. I hope it's not too depressingly bad... it's kinda hard to make something out of nothing... but I'm a writer so I try and make due.}
  2. A young boy in light clothing began to go down the subway stairs. Even his small foot steps managed to reverberate through the subway. All he could inside was what sounded like two people playing a card game.

    A number of days had passed since his failed summoning. Aleyn had been reading up on summoning creatures from different planes. He figured he could use a guardian to protect him on his travels. But recently he had found a book on summoning things from different worlds entirely. Maybe he could summon a legendary warrior who has already died in this world, or maybe even an older version of him! Needless to say, Aleyn jumped the gun and attempted a summoning too advanced for him. On the bright side, he didn't get drained of his life and creature was actually summoned. Bad news? He could feel it was summoned in a city about a week's distance away.

    Thankfully part of his summoning actually brought something to him, a card with her phone number on it. The thought of summoning a creature from a world that had technology was quite fun for him. Aleyn sent the summon a text, telling it to wait inside a would-be abandoned subway for him. He began to search the subway as he heard the two card players starting to get rowdy. Worried something might happen, he made his way over to them, his summoned creature could wait a few more minutes. Sadly by the time he got there, he saw a man on the floor whose head was in a direction that wasn't normally possible.

    "Whatcha looking at kid? Ain't never seen someone die before?"

    Aleyn looked up at the girl. She looked like a teen herself, not that he was going to point that out to the person who was probably responsible for the dead man on the floor. It's a shame I couldn't save him, but that's how life is here. He thought to himself as he gave the girl a small smile, if he was going to start antagonizing people, it wouldn't be before his summoned creature was by his side.

    "Oh, don't worry about a small mage like me, I'm just looking for someone. You wouldn't have happened to see something or someone strange walking by have you?"

    Aleyn wasn't really sure who or what he summoned into this world. He was hoping it was some kind of obedient super elemental, but he wasn't sure those could use cellphones. Maybe it's a multi-armed humanoid with weapons the human mind couldn't comprehend! The boy enthusiastically picked up his cellphone and decided to call his summon this time. It was about time for them to be here, so maybe he could trace the noise from their phone ringing if they're not one for answering calls.
  3. The girl was silent in the attempt to ignore this... child. She did not like children, they were naive stupid and most of all played on their innocence to get what they wanted in life. In her world it was no longer save the women and the children it was just to save the children. A few seconds passed and scream started to play from her phone. She whipped it out and silenced it approaching the boy.

    "You mean to tell me that you were the one that summoned me...!!!?"

    Her anger was absolute, she literally vibrated with it letting it twitch within her fingers and her wolf ears. She grabbed the kid by his collar lifting him up off the floor a good foot or so. She was tall, her long blondish brown hair was starting to turn red and her already red eyes were looking even more angry by the minuet. A growl started in her throat but she simply dropped the boy and headed for the stairs. She stopped though and turned around knowing this was exactly like her books she read, much like the one she'd just finished reading "A hero's Journey" it was an explanation on how to construct a book where the hero was called in for saving the world or something they loved and just how each step worked. She had to be on step one... or maybe she was on that denial step. Whatever the case she wasn't planning on helping this kid... he was too small and needed a lot of growing up to do.

    "Listen kid, I'm not going to sugar coat anything for you. I am a vampire, yeah, I killed that man but I have to in order to survive. You summoned me here and before I take off into the angry oblivion that I am or kill you answer me a few questions."
  4. As her phone rang, Aleyn's mind went into a stage of slight shock from the dissonance of who he summoned and what he thought he summoned. As she grew angry and grabbed him by the collar, he started to sort many things inside of his mind. This girl's the super ferocious demon I summoned? I traveled a week long journey to find a girl who's at best a few years older than me? She's the otherworldly force that I was planning to protect me? This was the final fruits of mother's research? He regained his sense of reality as she dropped him back to the ground.

    She stilled seemed to treat him like he was nothing. "Well yah, no need to sugar coat anything. I figured you killed that man. That's not too uncommon here these days, as much as I hate it." He said while dusting his collar. She really wasn't the thing he had in mind of his summoning, but she seemed capable enough to help him out. "Well, I don't think I'm in much of a position to refuse. Plus I very much like living, so feel free to ask away." He gestured for her to ask her questions. "Oh.. if at the end of this I am to die, I figure you may as well know my name. I'm Aleyn. I would hate to be killed by someone who didn't at least knew my name."
  5. She didn't want to know his name. It didn't matter to her. All he was, was a child. Another meaningless useless child that didn't make a good impression on her as it was, on top of that he was a mate. She clenched her fists and sighed ever so slightly crossing her wings (might I highlight, she never actually dropped him and in the end was still in the air. I can roll with this however) her ears lay flat against her skull now. She'd just fed so she was fine on food but she didn't trust the boy to tell him the truth on anything. This world was pretty scary as it was.

    It was dark almost all the time, rain clouds threatened to pour down every moment of the day and nights were no better often dropping in temperatures below what she could only guess was freezing. A climate like this filled with people whom were some humans and others monstrous orcs, tolls and basically whatever else that belonged only in a child's memory roamed around killing each other like rebel wolves in other wolves territory. She took a breath in though she didn't need to and bent to the boy.

    "Listen here," she started. "I have this gift you see, I can tell when a person is lying to me. I Am not going to hurt you unless I say so but this might hurt a bit," she leaned forward and took his wrist biting it. Then she pulled away and smiled. "There. Now. If you are lying to me, I will know. Why have I been summoned here, especially by the likes of you, and if you say protection so help me I will kill you myself. I kill people for a living, where I come from I am what they call- assassins. I get paid to kill so unles you are paying me. I'm not killing anyone.... But you." She yawned suddenly sticking her tongue out feeling the drainage of power and strength on this planet. "One more thing, humans here do not have a surpluses amount of haemoglobin balance that I require, why is this?" It wasn't the boy's blood that drained her energy- it was the purity in the blood, as if someone had decreased the oxygen count in the human blood. Where she had come from humans took in so much oxygen their blood would feed her for a good couple of days without tiering her out. No it seemed to take only hours for her body to absorbe the oxygen. She would need to kill and feed more of she presumed to survive until her bitty excuse for a Mage could get her back to where she belonged- home.
  6. He rubbed his bitten wrist. "So I can't say protection can I?" Aleyn thought to himself for a moment before opening his mouth again. "How about, 'I summoned you here to assassinate everyone who tries to hurt me'?" He wasn't trying to sound like a smart ass, at least not too much. But if she was going to know he was lying then there was nothing he could do but tell the truth. "I mean if its money you want, you could probably find lots still left in any abandoned store. Nowadays they only serve as fire starters. I'd be more surprised if we shared the same currency, then that could mean we have more in common than I thought!" He would have laughed a bit if a certain vampire wasn't in front of him looking like she was about to kill him at any time.

    "Now about that blood thing." He started to support his head with his hand. "Hmm, do you mean they're blood is not tasty or something?" Aleyn wasn't too knowledgeable on the human body, or bodies in general for that matter. "Well from what I understand of the body, you only get out what you put in. Many of the people left in a deserted place like this no longer have many things to put in, do you get me?" He tried to explain with what little he knew. Anemia was the norm in the world, and it was rarer to find people who actually had a good diet. "People in this world are too occupied with surviving than making sure what they eat is any good. Well, surviving and-"

    As he was explaining, metal ringing could be heard throughout the subway. A group of about half a dozen men slowly began to descend down the steps, banging their weapons against the railing. They wielded a varied assortment of weaponry, some had tire irons while a few even had swords. Their conversation carried to the bottom of the steps.
    "You sure that whore's kid is here?"
    "Yah, I'm sure that was him. He matched the description and everything."

    Aleyn's eyes widened at their voices. "Actually, why don't we continue this further inside the subway, before they see us and all. Those people are no fun." He said in a hushed and hurried tone as he began to slowly shuffle away from the steps.
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