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  1. So I'm not going to make this Pretty or anything.. But i just want to list some of my cravings.. I also need someone who is flexible i am very busy during the week and am lucky if i get to log on at least once a week so be patient with me.

    My Cravings


    Olivia x Fitzs
    Olivia X Jake
    Oc X Oc

    Hart of Dixie
    Zoe X George
    Zoe X Wade
    Oc x OC

    Vet X Receptionist

    Stalker X Victim

    Up and coming artist X Superstar

    Meta Human X human

    James Gordon X OC
    Alfred X OC

    Teacher X Student

    **** I'M also up for any of your cravings****************
  2. OH! I like the vet and Receptionist one!