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  1. How It All Began Near the end of the 2016 election, a man named Miles Roland join the running. He appeared to be a well kept man who could appeal to the upper class as well as the middle and lower classes. Everyone was enthralled by his ideas to change the world and turn it into a utopia for everyone.

    It was no surprise when he one.

    His first act as president was to destroy the White House. Most were shocked at that and Congress was in rage as President Roland had done it without consulting them.

    His next act was to eliminate competition.
    Despite informing us that the atomic bomb was no longer going to be used to combat our enemies, the government had created a few, 'just in case.'

    President Roland's Reign of Terror January 21nd, 2017
    In the disguise of a celebratory blimp, President Roland dropped Fat Lady onto the United Kingdom.

    January 25th, 2017
    With the United Kingdom done, the other countries have declared war on United States and have started scrambling to attack.

    February 1st, 2018
    China and North Korea become allies and take over South Korea. North Korea and South Korea merge to become Korea again. China and Korea gain control over Japan, turning it into a military base.

    February 8th, 2018
    China and Korea attack Texas and inadvertently, Mexico. Refugees from Mexico are welcomed into the states by President Roland and become his most avid supporters.

    February 20th, 2018
    Antarctica disappears.

    March 13th, 2018
    President Roland drops Cherub on Russia forcing Russian refugees into China and European countries.

    March 15th, 2018
    Presidant Roland seizes control of South America to use as food storage. He moves about twenty percent of the population to the United States and leaves the rest to 'cultivate' their native country.

    April 1st, 2018
    United States citizens are living like sardines as the country is so overpopulated. People are beginning to fight each other and stage rebellions against President Roland.

    April 3rd, 2018
    At the 'request' for more space President Roland sends his elite militia into Canada and massacres the entire country.

    April 4th, 2018
    The United States is still overpopulated but less crowded as fifty percent of the population have been sent to reside in Canada and Alaska.

    April 9th, 2018
    The United States is renamed the United Republic of America, as it's territory has expanded to include the former Canada.

    July 4th, 2018
    Presidant Roland plans to turn Africa into a military base.

    July 6th, 2018
    China and Korea manage to create an atomic bomb.

    July 10th, 2018
    China and Korea drop Red Star on Africa. The entire continent save for Madagascar is destroyed.

    July 11th, 2018
    It is revealed that their is a spy in the United Republic of America

    The Witch Hunt and Declaration of War July 20th, 2018
    President Roland infiltrates his own country with spies to find the traitor.

    August 1st, 2018
    Over ten thousand people have been accused and executed but the spy has yet to be found.

    August 3rd, 2018
    China and Korea poison South America's water supply killing 70% of South America's population as well as most crops. They abduct the remain population in that country leaving it uninhabited.

    August 10th, 2018
    China and Korea's army becomes over six billion strong.

    August 15, 2018
    Presidant Roland scrambles to create a bigger army, and takes over Greenland, Madagascar and the Carribean countries.

    August 26th, 2018
    A massive earthquake destroys Australia, starts a monster tsunami and destroys the Phillipines and Japan.

    August 31st, 2018
    President Roland is secretly diagnosed with schizophrenia and told to resign. He refuses.

    September 9th, 2018
    With China and Korea weakened, President Roland prepares to attack. He drafts every adult, able bodied or not into the army and delcares war on China and Korea. His speech to his massive army is simply, "We will win or die trying."

    The Aftermath September 12th, 2018
    China and Korea's army as well as Presidant Roland and his army, destroy each other.

    September 27th, 2018
    The children left behind in the United Republic of America start their new lives. They rename the country, Playground.

    September 28th, 2018
    The chilren begin to form gangs and start to fight over control of the country.

    October 14th, 2018
    Small sinkholes begin to appear. A child ventures inside one and discovers numerous tunnels. Where do they lead?

    So your a child living in Playground. Will you become a nomad? Will you join a gang? Or will you try to figure out where the tunnels lead? Or maybe you'll end up doing your own thing!

    (At least two Co-Gms needed! PM me!)

    1) No godmodding
    2) Children should be aged 5 to 17
    3) No one should enter the sinkholes just yet.
    4) This won't just be gang fights. I will introduce various problems as we move along.
    5) Animals are present in this, in fact some poor hippie soul thinking they were doing the right thing, may have unlocked some zoo cages.
    6) Puppy love can exist in here but good God please don't move past kissing. And any children below thirteen should not be doing ANYTHING remotely romantic.
    7) Six characters max for everyone.
    8) Teen pregnancy can exist but that's only for 16 to 17 year olds.

    Third person past tense.
    At least 8 sentences per post MINIMUM. But please if you're shooting for a large post, utilize indenting and proper paragraph spacing.
    Each post should include the name of the character, as well as the location they are in.

    (There are rinky dink ferries that move between Jungle Gym and the Seesaw Islands)

    Jungle Gym
    Named such because of the icy and rocky terrain that is difficult to traverse through unless you climb and crawl. Also because due to the massive earthquake sometime ago, most of the structures have fallen and serve as large obstacles. This region is controlled by the Wild Gang. Most of the gang's members are very fit and can traverse the region with no problem. They are usually former gymnasts and athletic children. The Jungle Gym has a lot of caribou and snow hares, however they also have quite a few polar bears.

    Seesaw Islands
    A very unsafe place to live because of the lack of stability of the islands. The islands are very eroded because of the constant nuclear bombings, but the gang who control the area have found a way to live there. The waters around the islands are abundant with fish and the Mermaid Gang is abundant with strong and fast swimmers as well as fishers and boaters.

    Named because the Husky Gang resides in the cold and snowy mountains. These children can traverse through the snow and ice as if they're running on the sidewalk. They also utilize sled dogs to hunt as well as carry supplies. Slide isn't completely mountains and snow, but the nicer parts of it have been overrun by brown bears, polar bears and lynxes. Fortunately the mountainous part is filled with caribou and rabbits. Sometimes if they're lucky the Husky Gang can get down to the water and hunt seals that come close to land.

    Swings is an urban area mostly covered by large skyscrapers. However it is next to impossible to travel on the ground as some zoo animals have escaped and frequently hunt down there. Fortunately the ingenious Gorilla Gang has found a wave to traverse the city via parkour and swinging on cables. The Gorilla Gang doesn't usually rely on hunting to eat, as their are warehouses that have nonperishable food in them, however they do need to watch out for the many predatory animals in the area, as well as the other gangs who often sneak into Swings when they're having supply shortages. The best thing about Swings is that they still have electricity.

    The once diverse United Republic of America is now a sandy wasteland, with an abundance of sinkholes littering the area. The Scorpion Gang rules the area, however many nomad groups live there as well (they don't get along though). The inhabitants of Sandbox can travel across the sand relatively quickly and are adept at preparing for the many sandstorms that hit the area. Because most animals that live in the area are reptiles and snakes, the Scorpion Gang and the nomads have an immunity to most poisons and can eat them. However reptiles and snakes aren't very high in protein (or anything really) so the inhabitants of Sandbox often sneak into Swings or other area for food. There are buildings in Sandbox that the children reside in, but unlike in Swings, nothing works.

    Use my character please and don't omit information.

    Character Sheet
    Real Image
    Name ║ Age ║ Gang Name or Nomad
    Position (in gang, remove if you're a nomad)
    Sexual Orientation

    Weapon of Choice (be realistic, a five year old won't have a gun or be able to use it)
    Outfit (Make sure if fits the region)

    Brief History
    (At least five sentences)
    Family (Child aged Siblings/Cousins etc)
    Other: (Anything extra info?)

    Wild Gang Leader - Reserved for Brea
    Second in Command - OPEN
    Members (0/5)

    Mermaid Gang Leader - OPEN
    Second in Command - Reserved for Wonderful Thing
    Members (1/5)
    [Reserved for Brea]

    Husky Gang Leader - OPEN
    Second in Command - OPEN
    Members (0/5)

    Gorilla Gang Leader - Reserved for Wonderful Thing
    Second in Command - Arina Katayeva played by AHmui
    Members (0/5)

    Scorpion Gang Leader - OPEN
    Second in Command - OPEN
    Members (0/5)

    Spots (0/5)

    Melody 16 Gorilla Gang
    Gorilla Gang Leader

    Weapon of Choice
    (be realistic, a five year old won't have a gun or be able to use it)

    Brief History
    (At least five sentences)
    Family (Child aged Siblings/Cousins etc)
    Other: (Anything extra info?)

    Name 9 Mermaid Gang
    Mermaid Member

    Weapon of Choice
    (be realistic, a five year old won't have a gun or be able to use it)

    Brief History
    (At least five sentences)
    Family (Child aged Siblings/Cousins etc)
    Other: (Anything extra info?)

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  3. [​IMG]

    Arina Leonidovna Katayeva 14 Gorilla Gang

    Gorilla Gang second in command




    Arina Katayeva is very shy and rarely courteous. However, she is self controlled and trusting when you get to know her. She is honest and loyel, but lacks sympathy towards anyone. She is prone to twiddling with things and loss of apetite when anxious and is annoyed by lip-picking and nail biting. Arina is short-tempered, mentally unstable, and forgetful.

    Beetles, indie music, jump-rope, environmentalism, robotics, dolls, fungi, books, and spiders.

    Drama, greedy people, bigotedness, bilsteringly hot weather, classical and pop music, the way that humans are ruining the Earth, drugs, school.

    Weapon of Choice

    Aina typically wears a black leather vest over a short dress of the same color.

    Brief History
    Arina Leonidovna Katayeva lived an unfortunate life with her mother. Luckily, she moved to America long before the reign of Miles Roland. However, her father died shortly after he became persident. She lived with her mother from the age of 10 to 13, moving from place to place under orders from their new president. After getting sick, her mother killed herself and left Arina to figure out what to do herself. She eventually found the Gorilla Gang and has lived her life there for a year, up until the present.

    Alevtina Rostislavovna Katayeva - mother - deceased
    Dominik Rodionovich Katayeva - father - deceased

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  4. Accepted, thanks for joining!
  5. Just sayin', but a nuclear weapon powerful enough to wipe out Africa would turn the entire rest of the world into a colossal ice desert. It would have more destructive force than the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. In fact, it would have more destructive power than the 30,000 years that killed 95% of life at the end of the permian. Imagine packing all that power into the space of a few seconds :D

    On another note, I don't suppose you can tell me how to make a Red Star can you?
  6. White Fang is an albino - his hair is white, his skin is white, his eyes are crimson red. He dresses in grey and black outfits. His hair is messy and his eyes carry a vicious thirst for blood. He is almost always grinning in a sadistic way. (couldn't find a picture.)

    White Fang (no one knows his real name) ║ 17 ║ Scorpion
    Position: Leader
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual
    Ethnicity: British (Cus british accents are unbeatable for evil boss characters)

    Personality: White Fang is a cruel and sadistic leader. He would easily classify as a sociopath, and rules his gang with an iron fist. He exudes an aura of fear and respect, and his throne has remained unchallenged ever since he took over. No one knows how he functions, simply that he does. He is highly intelligent and beats his opponents through battles of wit, primarily. Even so, the Scorpion gang willingly follow him. It seems that though he says he doesn't care about anything, that may not quite be true. His primary objective as a gang is strength, of which his army has plenty.

    No one knows for sure, but his actions seem to suggest he is fond of technology, specifically the deconstruction and refining of it.
    Other than pretty much everyone, White Fang has made a list of things he wants to eradicate from the world:

    It reads something like this:

    Political Correctness
    Enemies (whomever they may be)
    Actually I think that's pretty much it. Everything else I dislike can be put into those categories."

    Weapon of Choice: White Fang wields a variety of instruments. He is capable of using bows and to a small extend swords, though prefers his array of guns. Naturally though, as a scorpion, his favourite weapon is poison.
    Outfit: White Fang's attire is usually grey or black and consists of t-shirts and loose jeans.

    Brief History:

    White Fang came to what is now the Scorpion lands several years prior to the rise of Roland the Great. He had followed the man for a while beforehand on social media and whatnot and was well aware of how he functioned, and predicted what he was going to do with surprising accuracy. After White Fang's arrival in America, he went about the task of riling up the citizens, and was responsible for starting many of the riots. He did so through his encoded online presence - "He Who Shall Dethrone the Emperor." Two weeks before the end of the invasion of China, he altered the messages of this account and began openly commanding the child populace of his dominion. Through this extremely organised structure, the Scorpion Domain was established in only 24 days, and fully operational at 112 days, much quicker than the other gangs. Over the course of those 112 days, he moved the majority of his citizens to the North-West, with the capital being Seattle - the perfect place to keep watch on the Gorilla Gang. Thanks to the lack of gun regulations in the former America, obtaining weaponry was no problem.

    Once 78% of the Scorpion Gang had been gathered in and around Seattle, he established his new government system, which functions something like this:
    Internal Functioning of the Scorpion Gang (open)

    Ranking System:
    There is White Fang. White Fang is the supreme commander and what he says is law.
    There is (second in command). (second in command) is second only to White Fang.
    There are the Fourth Rank. Fourth Rank citizens are the high class elite of society and consist of important people - scientists, medics, engineers. Fourth Rank are also expected to instruct lower ranks as teachers. They are the most useful to White Fang and gain the best treatment and status.
    There are the Third Rank. Third Rank citizens are members of the Military Police, who are responsible for enforcing order on behalf of the supreme commander.
    There are the Second Rank. Second Rank citizens are members of the community who are capable of working but lack the skill of the Third Rank and the brains of the Fourth Rank. They typically work the mines and factories, as well as the general services. This is the most abundant class.
    There are the First Rank. First Rank citizens are the dependents who cannot support themselves - the extremely young and the disabled. Most of these people get some amount of funding until they can become Second Ranks, but those who will never be able to achieve that, ie - people who lack both mental and physical capacity - have to fend for themselves if a second, third or fourth rank doesn't volunteer to care for them.

    There is also a pseudo-fifth rank, a council of Third and Fourth ranks that advise White Fang.
    Additionally, there is the Zeroth Rank, which are nomads and merchants who venture out into the deserts to retrieve items that could be useful. Zeroth Rank standard of living depends upon how useful they are. All Zeroth Rank bring their goods to Fourth Rank employees, who take money from the Relic Budget and pay the Zeroth what they think the items are worth.

    Monetary System:
    In Scorpion, the dollar system has been rearranged to allow for the changes made by the removal of adults. Metal coins now hold no value, and the majority of them have been melted down to create ammunition and other useful items. Paper money is now used as an arbitrary system. Base pay is set to the rank. Fourth Ranks are paid $5 per day, Third are paid $4, Second are paid $3 and Firsts who have the potential to become seconds are given $2. On top of this system is a bonus system - should you be deemed to excel in your field, a bonus of up to $4 per day may be granted. To put that into proportion - $1 per day is enough to buy the bare minimum amount of food and water necessary to survive, and a days-worth of filling meals costs around $2. The amount of food in these packages varies, and will go up during periods of good hunting and go down during periods of low hunting. Other items vary in price, and thanks to many items costing less than $1, there is also an unofficial favour system in employment. That is, you may pay in favours. For example, Person One wants to buy Item X from Person Two. Item X costs less than $1. Person Two says "Ok, you can have Item X, but in exchange, next time you go to the market, can you pick up an Item Z for me?" A major role of the Third Ranks is to make sure this favour system doesn't get out of hand.

    Education System:
    Education is compulsory on basic skills necessary to be a Second Rank, and these skills are taught in mandatory schools. During this program, which usually lasts for the first 2 years of entering the community (If you are born into it, it will last for 2 years after you turn 10), the learner will also be assessed on ability to become a Third or Fourth rank. If the ability is found, they will be given extra compulsory education that follows one of those paths.

    Family: Has a 14 year old younger sister, who he currently assumes to be dead.
    Other: Hope you don't mind me giving a system to Scorpion. Saves me explaining it IC.
  7. And this is why I'm not a scientist. Also why this is in modern fantasy.
  8. I don't mind that you created your own system, however whenever somebody wants to join Scorpion, it's up to you to explain it.
    I would also prefer you to choose one weapon of choice to avoid the special snowflake bad-ass trope.

    Also please make White Fang a bit more detailed, he seems to be bordering the 'I'm a sociopath, so there.' line and he also seems a bit overpowered with the defeating opponents through wit. I need to make sure that you are aware that he will not be winning all of the fights he initiates or takes part in. Add some information about his sister maybe?
  9. Eh, I can't really be bothered thinking up any of that, so I'll leave now.
  10. I'll be making two characters, both male. One of them is only going to be a member of the Mermaid Gang, but may I reserve the position of the Wild Gang leader? I have them both almost finished, except for personality and the bio, which takes the longest, but I'm exhausted and going to bed. I'll have them both up tomorrow ♥
  11. #a16000
    "I've never been one for the spotlight."

    Ashton Tyler Blake (Ash) 16 Mermaid Gang
    "I'm more of a follower than a leader."
    . Member .

    "I'm a boy... thanks for asking."
    . Male .

    Sexual Orientation:
    "I've honestly never pictured myself with another guy."
    . Heterosexual .

    . Caucasian .

    "A lot of people tell me I'm awkward."
    . Ashton has always been antisocial. He'd much rather sit at home by himself than go to a party. It's not that he doesn't like people, it's more that he becomes extremely awkward in social interactions, and so he tries to avoid them whenever possible. He is very optimistic, able to see both the good and the beauty in nearly everything. He can also be naive and too trusting, believing that everyone is a good person until proven otherwise. Ashton is very detail orientated, but he is also very disorganized. Often times you can't even see the floor in his bedroom- but he still knows exactly where everything is. He's very cheerful, and while he only has a few friends he is extremely loyal to them. Ashton is selfless, often valuing other people more than himself. That being said, he does not ave low self-esteem. He's actually very comfortable with who he is, recognizing his short comings and taking pride it his strengths. Ashton is lighthearted, and sadly clueless. Someone could probably tell them exactly what they think about him and he still wouldn't be sure whether they liked him or not. He is naturally generous, and is often a pushover .

    "I've got a sweet tooth."
    . Beanies, Cookies, Carrot Cake, Monkeys, Sweet Foods, Concerts, Pasta, Jackets, hats and Traditions. .

    "Blood... it should stay in the body."
    . Tattoos, Blood, Hiking, Mustard, Fashion, Medicine, Riddles, Wrestling, Mustard, Public speaking, Small Talk, Arguing and Leather. .

    Weapon of Choice:
    "I'm not much of a fighter..."
    . Fishing Pole and Harpoon .

    "I guess I dress like how I used to, but with a fisherman's vest."
    . Fishing vest, plain or plaid shirts, usually jeans, black boots. .

    Brief History:
    "I don't like to think about the past."
    . Being an only child is lonely for most, but Ashton never minded much. It meant that his parents could be involved in his life, and that he got more support from them than he could ever need. At a young age it was discovered that Ashton was musically talented. He could sing well, which led to his childhood dream of being a 'rock star!' For is eighth birthday he received a guitar from his parents. Because they lived in a 2-bedroom apartment, and also because their neighbors happened to work nights, Ashton often had to leave the house to practice the guitar. He usually went to the park, bringing his 'book-for-beginners' with him. It was there that he taught himself how to play, and by age ten he was interested in learning how to play more instruments.

    The transition from middle school to high school was a drastic one for Ashton. As if beginning puberty wasn't enough for poor little Ash, his father was offered a job on the other side of the country. Which meant that Ashton was now in a completely unfamiliar setting, with not a single persons that he knew. On the bright side, the family now lived in an actual house, so he could practice his instruments at home. His mother encouraged him to join a club at school, and after some consideration Ashton opted for marching band. Despite the bad stereotypes portrayed in the media for band geeks, Ashton actually thoroughly enjoyed being one. This made his high school years much more bearable, as he made countless friends through the after school activity.

    He was devastated when both of his parents were drafted for combat, and even more so when they never returned. He joined the Mermaid Clan, mostly because he was a stronger fisher and swimmer than a hunter or vine swinger. He often thinks of his parents while he fishes, and misses them dearly. It's unlikely that he will ever get over the loss of them.

    "I'm an only child, so I don't have any family anymore."
    . Mother - Dead - Biologist - Natalie Blake

    Father - Dead - Elementary School Principle -Clive Blake

    "I can't think of anything I haven't told you."
    . Allergic to dogs and pollen .
    . Was a band geek- can play guitar, drums, trombone and piano .
    . Strong swimmer .

    "Anyone in love does crazy things."
  12. Uhh I actually thought this died and went to hell lol. But yeah, sure. Glad at least one person is interested.
  13. #213073
    "Think fast, act faster."

    Ethan Zachariah Stone 17 Wild Gang
    "Obviously I'm in charge."
    . Leader .

    "Do girls usually grow beards?"
    . Male .

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Straight, not the I'm homophobic. You do you."
    . Heterosexual .

    "That's like race, right?"
    . Caucasian .

    "Depends on who you ask."
    . Ethan is very carefree, feeling that life should be lived to the fullest. He does not want to miss out on a single thing life has to offer, good or bad. He is extremely confident in who he is, which at times can make him seem very self-centered. He is stubborn, so it is unlikely that he will ever change his mind once it is set. He can also be impulsive and reckless, often an bad combination. This is especially true when he is in a bad mood, because then his actions reflect his emotions. Ethan is a pampered and high-maintenance young man, and he is fully aware of it. He expects the best, and nothing but the best. He has a natural charm about him, and has a bountiful amount of tact. Thanks to his tactful nature he is often seemed as someone who can be trusted, and this also helps to make him persuasive. While he is fairly smug, he is also a very dedicated and driven person. Once he starts something he will see it through to the end, even if he knows it will end badly for him. He is savvy and sophisticated, giving him a very professional appearance to those who do not know him personally. Ethan is very critical, which can sometimes make him a downer, but he is also very steady and faithful. Those who he is close to know that they can always come to him whenever they need something- whether it be his actual help or just a shoulder to lean on. Lastly, Ethan knows he has to work for the things he wants, and is not afraid to go to great lengths to achieve his goals .

    "Being in charge, for one."
    . Fire, All Nighters, Mint Gum, Ketchup, Candy, Horror Movies, Bananas, Fashion, Archery, Public Speaking, Cold Showers, Smoking and TV Shows. .

    "Believe it or not, not everyone loves bacon."
    . Bunnies, Hangovers, School, Alcohol, Cats, Riddles, Jackets, Travel, Had Work, Magic, Traditions, and Bacon. .

    Weapon of Choice:
    "I like to think I'm well enough off with my fists."
    . Spears, Hatchet .

    "A king has to look good, doesn't he?"
    . Most of his stuff has camouflage. Heavy jackets, t-shirts, camo or black pants, brown boots, black gloves. .

    Brief History:
    "I don't see why this is any of your business."
    . Ethan spent a lot of time trying to figure out who he was. He was an athlete for a few years, and then a dancer, and then an artist, and then a musician. His parents often had trouble keeping up with his constant interest changes, and it didn't help that this lasted for several years. It wasn't until he was fourteen that he tried out for a school musical and discovered his true passion: Acting. This didn't come as a surprise to anyone around him, as he had always been a great liar. They were just happy he had settled on one thing. Coincidentally, his several interested switched throughout the year made it easy for him to portray many characters accurately.

    He joined a local acting club, playing the lead for several of the shows they put on. Ethan gradually became a very confident person, sometimes overpoweringly so. Because his parent's were worried that he would become selfish and a jerk they forced him to begin doing community service on the weekends. At first he hated it, but he soon grew to love helping out the less fortunate and began to do it on his own. However, he kept this a secret from everyone but his family. Ethan worried that if everyone knew he willingly helped out the needy they would try to take advantage of him.

    Juggling acting, school, work and community service proved to be extremely difficult. Ethan got through it all by taking on different personalities while dong different things- it helped him pretend that the responsibilities of his other persona's were not entirely his own. This, of course, led to an extreme identity crisis in his late teenage years. He had no idea who he really was anymore, no idea who he wanted to be. After deciding that picking one person to be was too hard, Ethan called up his closest friend, Chloe, asking for help. He was rather drunk, and so what he was saying didn't make any sense. Worried, she called Ethan's parents, and the very next day they began looking for a therapist. They soon found one and he's been taking therapy ever since.

    That is, until the most recent tragedies. Ethan's father was drafted first, and when his mother received her draft she decided to kill herself instead. This took a horrible toll on Ethan, of course, and he always has her suicide letter to him on him, no matter what. Once 'Playground' was formed he quickly became a leader of a small group in Jungle Gym. As more people joined his group he was challenged for his role as leader several times, but he always came out victorious. Now, he is the leader of the Wild Gang, and hardly anyone dares to challenge him anymore .

    "They're both dead, thanks for bringing it up."
    . Mother - Dead - Artist - Nadia Stone

    Father - Dead - Accountant - Gregory Stone

    "I'm done explaining myself to you."
    . Always wanted to be an actor .
    . He and his father often went hunting when he was little. He's pretty good at it .
    . Does have a small pistol, but only he knows about it. It's for emergencies only, so he keeps it hidden .

    "People don't notice the little secret's around them."
  14. Oh, well maybe new posts in the thread will draw more interest to it. Hopefully, anyways. I really like this idea ♥
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  15. I'd like to reserve a female for the 'Wild Gang'.
    And if possible, could you make her second in command?
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  16. Sure!
  17. Okay, getting her CS up right away!
  18. [​IMG]

    [ kathleen holloway. | fifteen. | female. | wild gang. | panromantic asexual. | scottish. | second in command. ]

    ▏` p e r s o n a l i t y :
    kathleen is what you might call determined, almost too determined. she despises when things don't go her way, an attribute from her childhood. kathleen is confident and has little to no insecurities whatsoever. with that being said, kathleen also has trust issues, and has a hard time trusting anyone. bravery is also very well in her blood, a gene passed down by her father. kathleen is brutally honest and is not afraid to criticize or give opinions on her peers.
    [ `stubborn / `skeptical / `truthful / `self-assured / 'courageous / 'loyal

    ▏` l i k e s :
    - warmth .
    - wildlife .
    - bubblegum .
    - getting what she wants .

    ▏` d i s l i k e s :
    - conflict .
    - cheaters .
    - peanut butter .
    - anything shellfish .

    ▏` w e a p o n :
    - a drop-pointed hunting knife .
    - poisonous darts .

    ▏` o u t f i t [ s ] :
    - will change throughout the roleplay .
    - commonly consists of comfortable sweaters, low-cut tank tops, denim shorts, and camo pants .

    ▏` h i s t o r y :
    kathleen's childhood was just like any other kid's - it was generic. like any other child, kathleen was idle and carefree before a certain someone disrupted the peace in the world. she lost her family when they were sent into the war, and left there to die.

    her little sister ran away after their parents didn't return for a full month. kathleen was left all alone, with no one but herself.

    ▏` f a m i l y :
    [ `anastasia simmons | `mother | `dead ]
    [ `daniel holloway | `father | 'dead ]
    [ `marilyn holloway | `younger sister | `unknown ]

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  19. @Wonderful Thing

    My CS has been completed.
    Please do tell me if there's anything wrong.
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