[Player Request] Vampire Role Play

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  1. I am looking for one-on-one role play with someone who is interested in vampires. Vampires are the lead characters. Other character types, such as werewolves, humans, slayers, half-breeds will be involved but they are not lead characters (ie, you are expected to play as a vampire). A male player is preferred but I will also accept female player. I will be playing female characters and you will be playing male characters (this includes NPCs).

    Though this is in the adult section, any possible intimate scene may not include penetration but we can get pretty close. The characters can get naked and touch and all that but any moment that penetration is about to happen, a time skip or scene change is to be inserted.

    I do not do Twilight's version of vampires. These are blood sucking hunters with big bat wings to fly. The time period I am expecting this to take place is modern times.

    I want the player to be detailed, no one liners if they can be avoided.

    The rest of the details can be worked out once a player steps in (such as whether or not the two lead vampires are in a clan or it's just the two of them and all the other details). A new thread will be started for the actual rp once a player is selected and details are worked out.

    So who's interested? :D
  2. Anyone interested?
  3. Count me.in
  4. I can do another person or two if there's anyone else who's interested?
  5. Anyone interested in doing this long term? Like for many days, possibly weeks?