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Play by Post (Prizes, Money, Rewards) Gaming Site

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by playbyaction, Mar 27, 2015.

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  1. Play by Action is a new gaming site which offers many features to roleplayers, gamers, writers and artists alike. With traditional play by post games, Play by Action games (games where each player submits a set of actions for their character each week, ideal for those roleplayers with little time to invest in it), fun little board games of many kinds, chat games, news about games and authors, areas to talk about your favorite topics and much more offered in the site, there's always something for everyone. There is nothing to lose with checking it out, and certainly a lot to gain!

    On top of all this, there's a prizes and rewards system in place for those that contribute to the site with a fair number of good quality posts, two annual competitions with prizes (one of them for gamebook writers, the other for roleplaying system or settings writers), and the lucky 100th member to register in the forums will receive a free copy of a tabletop module (right now we are at the 84th member) so don’t take long to wait.

    If you would like to have a play by post or any other type of roleplaying game hosted at the site, there is a space reserved for that too, all one needs to do is to fill a small form and you will be set with a section and folders for your own game.

    At the moment the main game offered is called Darkness Ends, which is a fantasy 'play by action' game; there's also a couple of traditional play by post games, one of them superhero based, the other one in a fantasy setting. A wild west one is nearly ready to start, and a game taking place in Ancient Greece is also being prepared. Many more are to come with time.

    Right now it's only a small community, but it's a tight-knit one with plenty of easy-going, nice and supportive members, all of us trying to use and develop our creativity and imagination and encourage others to put in play and improve theirs. Help us make it grow like a tree, come visit Play by Action, the Tree of Life Gaming Community!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.