EXERCISE Plate Tectonics or Continental Drift

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  1. This is a basic exercise to help shape your world, using the theory of Plate Tectonics! (If someone would write a full workshop on this PLEASE DO! O_O)

    Plate Tectonics builds on the concept of continental drift: AKA how the geography of the planet is formed because of moving plates under the planet's surface.

    For example, Earth has 8 Major moving plates. They smash in to each other, they move away from each other, they rub against each other. These actions are what form mountains, valleys, volcanoes, and various other landscapes. Create earthquakes, and other such things.

    Over time, whole continents can be in different places. Leaving room for the rise and fall of ancient buries cultures.

    For this exercise, map out your tectonic plates on your world. Correlate your major land formations with matching plate lines - or vice versa. Decide where to place formations based on the locations of your plate borders.

    • The way your plates connect determine what sort of land formations you'll find. There are convergent, divergent, and transform faults
    • Decide what happens at different borders. Earthquake activity? Volcanoes?
    • What kind of formations happen at borders? Is it mountain range location? A huge gouged canyon? Hidden fault lines?
    • What did this world look like thousands of years ago? Where did continents used to be?
    • How much do these plates shift?
    • Are plate tectonics governed by natural forces or magical forces?
    • And add in any other interesting things you can think of!
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