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    Plastic surgery is a process that is supposed to "beautify" and enhance a person's physical appearance. This thread will be focusing on the various opinions of the topic, the negative and positive implications it brings, as well as the ethical perspective on plastic surgery.

    In this thread you ARE allowed to:

    Express your opinions
    Recount experiences
    Ask questions
    Discuss other's opinions

    In this thread you ARE NOT allowed to:

    Insult another members way of thinking
    Assert your opinion

    Here are a few questions to get started:

    Would you ever get plastic surgery?

    Do you think plastic surgery makes people beautiful/handsome?

    Is plastic surgery is a positive or negative force in people's lives?

    What effects (if any) do these procedures have on self-image and society?

    Does plastic surgery cross any moral or ethical lines?

    What are your opinions on other forms of artificial beauty, like make-up?

    Feel free to break away from these questions, they're just to get the ball rolling :) And remember, stay polite and respectful! FOLLOW DEM IWAKU RULES, YO
  2. This article on team liquid should be mandatory reading:

    The Modern Korea: Looks

    My lady is of the opinion that 'looks are a talent' - meaning looking nice is something you are not born with, but get good at. The only problem I have with massive facial alteration is think about the poor children D:
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  3. When it comes to plastic surgery, I apply my usual philosophy of not caring about people do with their own bodies 'cause it's, you know, not my place to judge them. If they feel it'll boost their confidence, they should go for it!

    As for me, I doubt I'll ever get one. Partly because I'm arrogant enough to believe I'm beautiful as I am, partly because I think I'm strong enough to handle getting old and partly because I can imagine doing better things with all that money. I mean, can you imagine how many books could I get with money required for an average plastic surgery? *drools*
  4. Would you ever get plastic surgery?

    No, I would never get plastic surgery. I believe it's too risky and I love my face and body just the way it is.

    Do you think plastic surgery makes people beautiful/handsome?

    I won't deny it, there are people out there who have gotten plastic surgery and I think they're pretty, but not naturally. For example, Korean girls and boys. However, I don't think it takes plastic surgery to make someone naturally beautiful or handsome. They're already beautiful or handsome just as they are.

    Is plastic surgery is a positive or negative force in people's lives?

    I think this would depend on the country, society as a whole. For example, getting plastic surgery in Korea to enhance themselves naturally see it as a positive force in their society. That's their culture and while I don't agree with the need for plastic surgery to be a natural beauty, I'm not biased towards that cultural aspect in any way whatsoever. In America, I believe it is a negative force. When you see all of those people, specifically celebrities, getting plastic surgery and making themselves "naturally beautiful" or just for the sake of wanting bigger breasts and/or ass, it drives younger people to want that sort of treatment. Hell, we already have supermodels who believe starving yourself is the way to go for true beauty and being skinny is beautiful. We don't need to add plastic surgery on to that list, do we?

    What effects (if any) do these procedures have on self-image and society?

    The procedures carry a huge impact on self-image and society because in America, it's all about the looks. Girls may carry low self-esteem because they don't have the body that Kim Kardashian has or the breasts that Penny Brown has. The thing is, people look up to these celebrities as role models. If they do something such as plastic surgery, younger people will think it's cool and want to do it for themselves. Those girls who have a completely different body build than ectomorph may see themselves as 'fat' if they looked at all of those celebrities who got plastic surgery. It drains their self-esteem and abuses their self-image.

    Does plastic surgery cross any moral or ethical lines?

    I think this question would depend entirely on the individual. It's their body, their face, let them believe what is morally right because everyone's morality is different. It's their choice, not anyone else's. As a society, I'm unsure whether or not it would be considered morally correct. Everyone's doing it, everyone has their opinion, I'm not sure about society as a whole. After all, society today sees plastic surgery as something fabulously wonderful.

    What are your opinions on other forms of artificial beauty, like make-up?

    I don't use makeup, I don't intend to. It's a pain to work with, people put too much on just to look "pretty" by their own definition, and it destroys natural beauty no matter whether the makeup makes you look like a "natural beauty" or not. You don't need an addition to make yourself look "more beautiful" than you already are. The best way to keep yourself looking beautiful is to exercise, eat healthy, and always wear a big, confident smile showing everyone that you appreciate who you are.
  5. you know what else counts as plastic surgery?

    grafting skin onto burn victims
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    Why is this article on Team Liquid?

    As in Team Liquid from Starcraft 2?

    Because, they should be focusing on getting their build timings down.

    So they can entertain me.

    And fuck up those Zerg players who insist on doing mass Swarm Host.

    ...No, I'm not bitter about mass Swarm Host.

    ...But let's just say I can't wait for LoV and 60 second locust cooldown.

    And again, I fail to see how anything on Team Liquid has anything to do with grafting skin on poor burn victims.

    ...Maybe its for Terran SCVs who got picked off by Hellions? They use flamethrowers and stuff....
  7. Would you ever get plastic surgery?

    EDIT: Somehow missed this one.

    Not for me, thanks.

    Do you think plastic surgery makes people beautiful/handsome?

    This is really a case by case basis. Obviously, if people go overboard with it, no. If it's subtle tweaks to someone's appearance, then it can be attractive.

    Is plastic surgery is a positive or negative force in people's lives?

    If it boosts their self esteem, then I'd say it's a positive. If people start to obsess over every aspect of their appearance and begin to believe they can fix problems that aren't there by going under the knife, then they need help. A friend of mine growing up had a cleft lip that always stood out and made her really unhappy with her appearance. She got surgery done to remove the cleft and make the area uniform with the rest of her lips. She's much happier now and her appearance is much more natural. I'd say that's a good thing all around.

    What effects (if any) do these procedures have on self-image and society?

    Like I touched upon earlier, it can do wonders for improving someone's self esteem, but if it's overdone or people start to obsess over changing how they look then it can be really unhealthy. I think there's almost a stigma against plastic surgery, because when somebody mentions it, you're less likely to think about that cute starlet that got a thinner nose and more likely to think about the bronze tanned washed-up D-list celebrity who has been fighting the march of time and in the process has turned her face into Rocky Balboa after a match with Ivan Drago because of all the surgery, injections, and implants. I only know the one person who got plastic surgery done, and it was a positive example. I don't know anybody else who felt the need to get corrective surgery done.

    Does plastic surgery cross any moral or ethical lines?

    I don't really think it does. Maybe there's some religious sects out there who frown upon such things for being vain or an affront to God's creation or some such, but overall I think it's perfectly fine. Of course, you want to make sure the surgeon you're going to is reputable and not some scum bag who is going to stick an airbag in your breasts after hacking you open with some garden sheers.

    What are your opinions on other forms of artificial beauty, like make-up?

    It's a form of personal expression, and more often than not, girls do stuff like make-up more for themselves than impressing anyone in particular, I find. Sure, everyone likes to doll themselves up before a date or going out for the purpose of looking attractive, but make-up is really just an extension of picking out an outfit, some ear rings, making sure your shirt isn't covered in Doritos dust. A guy gelling his hair is really no different than a girl putting on make up.

    The only thing I take a personal issue with is tanning beds. That's a great way to get skin cancer all to look like some unnatural abomination of your regular self. Spray tans and bronzers are also pretty hideous, but at least that doesn't involve microwaving yourself with ultraviolet radiation to literally cook your skin darker. If I see someone with an obvious tan who hasn't come back from vacation, it doesn't look healthy or glowing to me, which is what they're going for. It just looks wrong.

    But pretty much everything else that's mainstream and normal's fine in my books. People are allowed to do what they wish with their bodies and look how they please.
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  8. No, I don't see any need or point to it.
    There's probably some cases where it might.
    But there's no specific one I can think of, though my exposure to plastic surgery in general is rather limited simply because I don't tend to care much for it.
    Like all inventions it isn't inherently good or bad, that's something entirely dependent on how human beings decide to use it.
    I think for the individuals that get it that it usually tends to boost their confidence (unless if it's botched or get ruined by aging).
    But all the plastic surgery gone bad cases shown by the Media has painted a very negative image of the practice.
    Completely dependent on the culture you are currently living in.
    Though personally? Not really, I don't really see an issue with self alteration if the person desires it and is being smart about the effects it can have on their body.
    People are free to do it if they want, I don't judge them for it. Though I personally find myself more attracted to girls who don't use make-up.
    +It is an amazing tool/resource when trying to pull off a cosplay.
  9. Like many things, it needs to be done in moderation. There are situations where it needs to get done like if you're a burn victim, or suffered an injury of the likes. Though, some celebrities over did it and made themselves look weird as fuck.

    I won't get it, because fuck that. I got better things to spend money on.
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    Or the kids who don't build the genes coding for their skin

    That's always hilarious

    And usually fatal
  11. Would you ever get plastic surgery?
    Nah, probably not unless some point in my life I get in an accident that would require it. Like the disfigurement kind of thing. That and I hate normal surgeries that I get for stupid accidents before already, or getting needles anywhere close to my face. *shudders* Not a 'never', since life may change my opinions and my circumstances.

    Do you think plastic surgery makes people beautiful/handsome?
    Honestly? From an aesthetic point of view, some do turn out looking great. Whatever floats their boat, I suppose, I look more for a great personality than great looks. Though looks are often the first that draw people's eyes, yes. Besides, smiling makes people beautiful, and it doesn't cost a dime - why not use smiling instead of spending thousands of dollars, yeah? ^^

    Is plastic surgery is a positive or negative force in people's lives?
    It depends on the person. There are some people who seem to have their lives uplifted by surgery, who seem to turn out happier and more confident. Then there are those who let their lives revolve around being 'gorgeous' and end up letting plastic surgery control them. It goes both ways.

    What effects (if any) do these procedures have on self-image and society?
    Well, it has its negative effects. We try to encourage people to accept themselves and think they are fine just the way they are, but then these surgeries end up showing people looking much better and that self-confidence can crumble and cause self-doubt. Then there are those who end up looking much worse than they did before surgery and it's just... *shivers* Like most things today, plastic surgery has its good and bad effects. It really depends on your point of view if the good outweighs the bad, or vice versa.

    Does plastic surgery cross any moral or ethical lines?
    That depends on the culture and the individual's own standards and morals. For me? Not really. My best friend and I had a discussion years ago about this thing, and we both agreed that if it makes the individual happier - and if the individual thought deeply before agreeing to it - then why not? You are the master of your own person, and I try not to judge by my own standards.

    What are your opinions on other forms of artificial beauty, like make-up?
    Hah, my best friend was the make up guru in our high school. She did my make up and put together my outfit for the graduation ball, and she did wonderful. She looked wonderful. Make up doesn't have to overtake your features, merely enhance them and draw people to your better features. TL;DR: Make up doesn't have to cause artificial beauty, but enhance what you already have. That's not artificial, yeah?

    AND HNNGH I LIKE PAINTING MY NAILS AND I'M NOT ABOUT TO GIVE THAT UP :P I love good perfumes, and that's not even artificial beauty, but for my own tastes. I love the gourmet type perfumes (dark chocolate and vanilla) and the fruity ones because I feel good smelling like that. Got a problem?

  12. 1. Nope. If I get a disfigurement I will totally own that and have badass looking scars

    2. Not particularly

    3. Generally I think positive. Unless it fails epically and now it's negative

    4. None.

    5. No. One of my buddies is a plastic surgeon. He works both on cosmetics and traumas.

    6. My wife looks awful with make up. She's adorable first thing in the morning. ...After brushing her teeth. Morning breath, oi.
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  13. However, I'd like to get across that I fully approve of penis enlargement. Just because life gave you a small willy doesn't mean you have to live with it!
  14. Apparently in South Korea, they call it 'reforming surgery'.
    Makes it sound less fake, like 'plastic'.
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