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  1. Where's the "Plants" tag? We need some of that gardening tips, forest trip experiences, and most tasty vegetables.
  2. I don't think there has ever been a topic about gardening before. If there was, I don't remember it. I have a black thumb, so I don't offer advice unless someone's looking to kill a plant. :P
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  3. I have plants.
    Sometimes I feel like a wonderful gardener surrounded by my lovely plants.
    And some days I wonder if they're alive because of me or in spite.

    You've reminded me that I've been meaning to try to identify a mystery plant I have, though.
    Was there some specific gardening thing you had in mind?
  4. Not really. The initial thought was anything regarding plants, in a similar fashion to the already existing Animal tag.
  5. How to plant a plant
    1. Get some seeds
    2. Put in some dirt
    3. Linger on the unavoidable nothingness that is everyone's death
    4. Don't let it set in
    5. Water the dirt
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  6. I love plants of all kinds, and especially trees and flowering type.

    Unfortunately I'm very, very bad at taking care of them. I've got the blackest thumb a person could have. ;w; So I just admire the ones that grow naturally or that others grew.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Tags can only get so specific

    I dislike gardening.
  9. You assume most people on Iwaku get outside long enough to know what plants are? Oh sweet summer child...
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  10. GREENie doesn't have a Green Thumb? ;A;

    What is this madness?
  11. Only the truth ;w; but I can always wish!

    Not to say I haven't tried, I just don't seem to have the gardening skill.
  12. You must do as they do in Skyrim.

    Plant 100's of Plants so that you may mass level your Gardening skill.
    Then, and only then will you plant the beloved Ettin Tree.
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  13. @Gwazi Magnum I'll be remembering that for when I get the game.

    As for the subject, I have recently thought of getting house plants but desisted. Didn't need the kitty thinking it's a litter box.
  14. I have a small garden.

    Pablano peppers
    Goji Berries

    I only plant things I can eat.
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