Plans this week?

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  1. What are they.
  2. Going to finish doing apartment stuff at the end of my lease Wednesday, going grocery shopping Thursday, and lazing my ass off the rest of the week/end. Hopefully getting word about my potential job and getting an RP up and running.
  3. Beach on Wednesday and then big farmer's market on Thursday. Not sure about the rest of the week.
  4. Rock Climbing tomorrow, and then whatever my mom tells me to do the rest of the week.
  5. Finding where you live.
  6. My plans are to stay alive, so here's hoping.
  7. Counting down the days until I can shop for new computer parts without looking at the dust that currently cakes the inside of my wallet.

    At midnight, the number will be eight.
  8. Is that even a question? I don't even
  9. Maybe she doesn't have plans this week, and is being bitter and rhetorical.

    That's what I would do.

    Smartphone users who aren't cunts? What are they?
  10. Working, playing vidya gaems, maybe doing something creative.
  11. "The Butterfly" on the internet. Gross.

    What are they?
  12. Why do you want to know?

    If you really want to come with all you had to do was ask..

    Otherwise I'm working full time Monday thru Thursday, part-time family business Friday and Saturday. Then NOTHING on Sunday because I WANT TO RELAX.

    With lots of Planetside 2 mingled in.
  13. I'm busy hiding the bodies and packing for a move.
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  14. Finally getting a haircut after way too long.
  15. Catch up on Ink Master and start Face Off tonight.
    Clean house tomorrow. Mow yard tomorrow.
    Clean house Thursday.
    Clean house Friday.
    Hang out with the boyfriend while he is off work this weekend.

    Play Town of Salem with @Dervish at some point.
    Work on IC posts and CS's before weekend.

    My life is thrilling.
  16. [Go to work. Go to class. Sleep.] x2

    [Go to work. Study. Sleep.] x3


    My life is wonderful.
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  17. Thursday - A 2 hour night class, otherwise beats me.
    Friday - Beats me
    Saturday - All Day Tabletop, DM'd by yours truly
    Sunday - Beats me
    Monday - Beats me
  18. Job interview, plan my semester, drink, roll around in my new school supplies.
  19. Me?

    Oh, usual, pull myself away from the tempt to beat a certain coworker to death because they constantly undermine you and micromanage.
  20. Pet/house sitting at a wonderful home. I got three dogs to cuddle and love, two cats to pet, and a birdie that loves to sing. I am happy.
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