Planning Thread For lewi and Boo

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Chat Noir, May 24, 2012.

  1. I have several ideas:

    1) A One Direction based roleplay

    2) A Harry Potter based roleplay

    3) A Vampire/ Slayer romance
  2. I can do vamp. x slayer romance but the other two I have no idea.
  3. Ok. Vampire slayer it is. What plot ideas do you have?
  4. Hm....perhaps the slayer was adopted and forced into the profession because of their bloodline later in life?
  5. Ok.... and she is assigned the vampire because he is evasive of any other slayer. Then instead of her capturing him, he captures her, and keeps her in his remote castle. She could escape, but she fell for him at first sight against all her training.
  6. I like it.
  7. Do you want to make it a femslash (yuri) roleplay, or keep it straight?
  8. I only rp straight.
  9. No problem :) You would be the female slayer, I assume?
  10. Yes please. XD
  11. No problem - could you start the rp?