Planetary Love, REPRESENT!

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  1. AARRRR! Our solar system has found a way to colonize ALL the planets! >:D And you, my lucky friends all get to move to your favorite planet!

    Where do you move? Why did you move there?

    Better make that answer interesting!
  2. Mars or one of Jupiter's moons!

    Mars 'cause I get to be a Martian, and honestly, if we can terraform, Mars is going to be a fantastic example of (potential) terraforming success.

    Jupiter's so fucking huge that some of it's moons are just astronomically huge, planetary, even. And it'd be awesome to be a Titan, or a Ganymedan...
  3. HothPluto.

  4. Europa.

    All that water... what could be down there?
  5. Going to have to go with Io one of jupiter's moons. Io has a volcano so fricking huge it literally gives Jupiter it's own ring. From what i have heard it's eruptions are spectacular. As long as you stay several hundred miles away that is.
  6. Antareus.

    So I could have the power to freeze time.
  7. [​IMG]


    That is all.
  8. Jupiter, lots of storms would be fun and it was the BEST Sailor Scout hands down. :D

  9. I love you so much.
  10. What Seiji said last.
  11. Not to mention a great view of Saturn's rings
  13. Mercury.

    Because she was always my favorite Sailor Scout. I love my women smart and girly.

    @Zypher: You only like Jupiter because she's talented. And by talented, I mean gazongas. And by gazongas, I mean boobs.
  14. YOU FAIL GOOD SIR! RESEARCH INTO THE MIND OF ZYPHER PROVES THAT THEORY INCONCLUSIVE! (If I went by sex appeal it's have to be Uranus, considering, ya know, she's practically a guy >_>)
  15. Libel! I said nothing about sex appeal! I spoke only of talent! It is entirely possible to have huge tracts of land and still be arse-ugly--its called butterface! Consider: Arizona. Huge tracts of land. Not a whole lot to keep you around the next morning. (bad dum tish)
  16. If you could build a bio-dome habitat on Venus, I'd totally do it. Great view of the clouds. Either that or an under water dome on Europa. Although if I live on Europa I want to see some awesome alien sea monsters.