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  1. This has been up on the Scifi section for awhile now and has received only attention from a friend of mine, even if you aren't interested I would like to know why this is failing

    Welcome to Merton, formerly known as SR-388. This takes place 30 years after the fusion mission in which bounty hunter Samus Aran reintroduced the once extinct (which she herself caused) Metroids to Metron in order to save the galaxy from the X parasite. As part of an elite Galactic Federation research team you are to study the new metroid strains found throughout the planet. Do not worry for you will be perfectly safe from the metroids themselves. The team has been given Metroid augmentations inspired by the effects of the Metroid vaccine on Samus Arin's Chozo suit. The augmentation has been made so that you seemingly blend in with the metroids. With this augmentation, though this is just a theory, some of the biologists believe that you might be able to communicate with the hive. The team will only be armed with emergency ice pistols. In order to compensate for the loss of Phazon, an artificial replacement has been made called Fuzon, this material is however not ready for testing for weaponry and was made specifically for studying environments affected by phazon

    (this roleplay will contain off lore experiences, creatures, and explanations.)
    Metroid is copyright of Nintendo

    Known metroid types: (through observation)

    Common knowlege metamorphasis of metroids (does not include queen)

    No godmodding
    No powerplaying
    No metagaming
    All admin decisions are final
    Romance allowed, keep it PG-13
    Cursing allowed but only in appropriate situations
    you cannot be a hunter

    you are allowed to have different armor (there will be no negative affects to having a different type of armor) but know that you have Metroid organic structures covering it.

    Default (if you dont choose, one this is what you get)[​IMG]
    Demolition suit
    Classic suit

  2. Seems interesting enough... are we using previously visited sections of SR-388 or new ones, and, you refrenced fusion shortly, so, are we using suits that are somewhat like the fusion suit? And, will x parasites have aything to do with this?
  3. Both
    Yes, but even better
  4. I'm in. However, It's late at night, and my curent device sucks for posting long posts. I'll make a character tommorow.
    will there be unique powers to collect, or old ones, or, will there be powers by default on the suit, or just, none at all?
    (By powers I mean things like the spazer, plazma, wave, and charge beams, or morph ball, screw attack, space jump, varia suit, etc.)
  5. That is all to be revealed by the plot. All you start with is emergency ice pistols, not even arm cannons, the roleplay begins slow if you are into action as it is more of a research roleplay
  6. Good stuff!
  7. must characters be posted here, or shall I wait for an ooc?
  8. Like I said in the beginning of this thread, the OOC already exists, it's in the Scifi signups section
  9. Forgive me, I forgot about reading that... >_<
  10. Anyone else interested? (I am going to try to bump this until my banner is out)
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