Planet Dangerzone

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    Bring me your enhanced, your mighty and your powerful. Your energy blasting, shapeshifting, bizarre outfit wearing supef-folks. Come to a planet whose inhabitants have taken to a series of resorts, from space station casinos to moon colonies complete with beaches, pools, a theme park, and more.

    You however, can do that some other time. You've come to participate in 'Planet Dangerzone.' You've basically just been given a place to perform gladitorial combat with numerous settings, from urban cities and dreary suburbs of alien culture, to vast nature, comprised of forests, jungles, deserts, and tundras.

    Weapons are scattered all about the land, from firearms to ridiculous weapons, like something out of Ratchet and Clank, or Marvin the Martian's armory. You yourself have your own gifts that you've come with personally.

    Now get on out there. Give them a show. Don't worry about death: When you enter, there's a respawn feature, so don't cry about being decapitated or something.



    1. I don't care if you're a high power cosmic entity or just a mouse with a laser pistol. Please don't god mod. Have fair fights before someone loses and has to respawn… for the moment.

    2. Planet Dangerzone is incredibly fast paced. Every day is a mock-war.

    3. You are on intergalactic entertainment channels. Feel free to be as ridiculously flashy as you want.

    Tis all for now. Just follow these three rules and feel free to throw in a character sheet here if you feel you should have one. Everyone is welcome!

    Basic Sheet:




    Fun Facts:
    Theme Song:

  2. Fine. I'll bite. Rewarming an old charsheet or two just as soon as I find the originals.
  3. This looks like the appropriate amount of badass.
  4. Indeed. Now if we could get more people to actually post their sheets here in the bloody OOC if possible.