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  1. (Here is my attempt in creating a challenge for this site.)
    Have fun!
    Planet Challenge, lightblue Create a character that is based off a planet that we have discovered! Bonus points if you write up a little story about them!
    List, yellow
    Planets, darkgreen · Mercury
    · Venus
    · Earth
    · Mars
    · Jupiter
    · Saturn
    · Uranus
    · Neptune
    Dwarf Planets, darkred · Pluto
    · Eris
    · Haumea
    · Makemake
    · Ceres

    Character Sheet, white - Name: Self-Explanatory.
    - Age: Self-Explanatory.
    - Gender: Self-Explanatory.
    - Appearance: Can be written with description, or shown through an image.
    - Personality: Self-Explanatory.
    - Biography: Self-Explanatory.
    - Hobbies: Self-Explanatory.
  2. - Name: Reena
    - Age: 38
    - Gender: Female
    - Appearance: Similar to the Na'vi from Avatar; However, her people have a thicker and fuller tails, siamese-like faces, and more catty ears. She is covered with thick fluff, all a goldish creamy color with darker "points". Her eyes are owllike and silver.
    - Personality: Reena is a gentlefaced young female; She hates to hurt anyone among her people. She is often known as the Nurse of her Tribe, and often serves as a wet nurse to orphaned youngsters. However, when something threatens her or her family, she lashes out mercilessly.
    - Biography: She was born among her people as an outsider. Her mother had a bad reputation for killing her offspring under stress, so she was taken from her mother at a young age. She was handed off from female to female, and came to see all the females as mothers, all males fathers, and all cubs siblings or offspring. Barren and unable to bear her own young, Reena swelled to become the midwife of many females and the nurser of many orphans. Her people are her family.
    - Hobbies: Nursing the unweaned babies, fixing up new remedies and playing with the older young.

    This character is from Venus c:
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  3. (I love your signature, @ItsToppyTippers ^^)

    Based off of Pluto

    Name: Chiisai ( ちいさい )
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is very quiet, so quiet that she once needed to go into a special class for learning how to speak correctly again because she forgot most of her language when she wasn't speaking for a long time. Most people forget her, some have even excluded her out of groups. She is mainly ignored because of her tiny size of 4'8", despite being 16. She is very emotionless and normally wears boring clothes like all black or all grey. She can be very indecisive as well. She tends to stick to what she knows and doesn't bother to learn much, but she also has much common sense and used to be very very rebellious before she became stuck with being tiny, and people started ditching her.
    Biography: She was born completely healthy. She was quite tall between 5-11, as she was normally two feet taller than the rest of her classmates until she was 12. At 12 years of age, she discovered she has a defect called dwarfism. Her dwarfism only became apparent when she was 12-14, when she suddenly stopped being at a towering height, and essentially became miniature. People then became embarrassed to be around her and avoided any contact with her. Her body is only said to shrink from now on as she ages.
    Hobbies: Sneaking into small places for the government (which she gains a ton of money from), making calendars, building example models
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  4. Name: Kra'vi
    Age: 17
    Gender: Polymorph
    Appearance: It's chosen or preferred form is a young wolf with teeth of a shark. The eyes are light blue and is one big pupil, The eyelids come from all around the eye and circle around till it closes then reopens. It doesn't really have fur but has natural thin DNA stands stretching out to make elongated spikes that looks like fur.
    Personality: Passive-Aggressive if you come into the territory it will attack or if it is guarding the nest it or it's mate has created and it sees you it will attack but normally it is peaceful.
    Planet: Mars
    Biological makeup: Iron based with carbon and nitrogen mixed, The creature slowly adapts to any circumstance through biological infusion through the structure of the molecules in it.

    This race appeared on mars when man finally had enough technology to traverse space and the galaxy we are currently in, but the race seems to be a gravity higher, High gravity, so when man made first contact the creatures were peaceful and curious until a man infiltrated a mothers nest... That's when the war started... since then they've been adapting, Slowly taking over, and one day will be even smarter then humans and just as capable as humans from using their sampling ability to take human DNA and mix it into their own chemical and physical makeup allowing them to enhance their own race... That is as far as human achieved (2198 year November 21st)
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  5. I see someone already did Mars, but I'm a jerk, so c:

    - Mars -

    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    eeek kinda big (open)

    A vertically challenged individual at maybe 5'5''. Toned, but not overly muscular, with tanned skin. His hair is a shade of russet-brown and his eyes near amber. Red's favourite attire is anything warm-- so, pants and hoodies. He often has small injuries from sport-related accidents.

    Earth seems really interested in him, and to be honest it sort of freaks him out.

    Given that Red's lineage can be traced back to Roman conquerors and warriors, people expect him to be some sort of spitfire; thus, they're almost disappointed to find a meek personality instead of a bold one. Red seems to garner a lot of attention from people and feels like he's constantly letting them down by not living up to their expectations. Though generally liked by those around him, he fails to understand why. This has resulted in a tendency to withdraw from the world.

    When it comes to athletics, however, Red is viciously competitive. The transformation is frightening.

    Red's family has always been well-off and well-known. Though he was born into that world, he never found it quite to his liking.
    His parents forced all of their children to pick up hobbies; Red got sports. He didn't like it at first. However, not wanting to upset his family, he forced himself to play, which has translated into an almost psychotic fixation on not only winning the game, but annihilating the other team.
    Over time Red came to enjoy sports more, though it definitely brings out his scariest side. It's the only time you'll ever see him yelling at people to "stop being idiots".

    Hobbies: sports that involve lots of running or contact, reading, volunteering at animal shelters​
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