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Somewhere in the cosmic void that exists inbetween planes in the Multiverse, a floating, disambodied head appears before you, alongsid a massive silver golem. There are others among you, though they seem to be as suprised as you are about the current situation. All of a sudden, the head speaks. "Welcome, young Planeswalkers, to the Multiverse! Unfortunately, your extraplanar explorations will have to wait, as a powerful, ancient, and evil force seeks to destroy the Multiverse as we know it, and it is up to you, the new generation, to stop it!"


"Now, allow me to introduce myself. I am Urza, one of the most powerful Planeswalkers in all of the Multiverse. Now, I may not be much more than a head nowadays, but that doesn't mean I'm not still powerful, so you'd best heed my words. Anyways, here's the jist of what's just happened: Your planeswalker sparks have just ignited, pulling you fro your home plane, or world, and throwing you into a different plane. Now the first 'stride' as I call it is to arandom plane, as the trigger that ignited youspark is different for each planeswalker. Now, the reason you all happen to be here in the void, is because my friend Karn here set up a special barrier that attracts weaker planeswalkers. Now that that bit's out of the way feel free to tell me a bit about yourselves. Oh, and feel free to ask any questions you may have."

Block: A block consists of 2-3 sets. Each block takes place on a unique plane.
Set: A specific group of cards realeased at the same time and identified by a symbol at the lower right corner of the artwork.
Plane: A specific planet in the multiverse.
Spark: The intangible source of a planeswalker's planeswalking ability. Also increases their magical abilities.

Burn magic: Red spells that deal damage, such as Fireball and Lava Axe.
Mind magic: Spells, usually blue or black, that make a player draw, discard, or mill cards.
Creature magic: Generally green spells, though every color has lesser forms, that specialize in making creatures really big, really fast, or simply making creatures that are really big to begin with.
Necromancy: Black spells that kill things and bring things back to life.
Life magic: Green and white spells that make alot of small or increase a player's life total.
Vampiric magic: Black's vrious spells that both damage an opponent and heal the user.

Need anything further explained, feel free to ask.

Note: All abilities must be approved by me. Keep in mind that you are playing someone who has recently become a Planeswalker, so your spells aren't going to be Wrath of God powerful. Keep that in mind. However, you are still very powerful.

Character Sheet

Home Plane and Location: (Choose from the locations listed here. See restrictions and notes below.)

Colors: (Choose up to three. Cannot choose Artifact)

Race: (Check to see which races inhabit your home plane and use your colors. Of course, humans have access to all colors)

Area of Expertise: (This is for the type of magic you specialize in. This partially determines your signature and major spells. It also determines the small unnamed spells you can perform. Example: If my AoE is Life magic, I can make seeds grow into adolescent plants, or heal minor wounds at will, depending on whether I use green or white magic. Known Planeswalker AoE Examples: Chandra's AoE is Burn magic, Jace's AoE is Mind magic. See above for examples. There are endless AoEs, so odds are, you'll be making your own.)

Signature Spell: (This is the big one, your calling card, and as such, is the most draining. Choose one instant, sorcery, or non-legendary creature from your home plane's block(s). In the case of creatures, they are summoned for up to 24 hours. You cannot use your signature spell more than 3 times a day. In the case of creatures, you cannot summon it again until 6 hours after it is returned to it's home plane.)

Signature Spell Implementation: (How this spell will look and function in the RP. Ex: SS is Lava Axe. The SSI would read 'Focusing his raw anger, rage, and/or hatred into his hand, Planeswalker X forms an axe made of molten lava to hurl at a single foe)

Major Spell: (This is a powerful spell, though not as powerful or draining as your signature spell. Choose one instant, sorcery, or non-legendary creature no bigger than a 3/*. Can be used up to 10 times a day. Same restrictions apply to creatures, though you can summon up to two of your creature.)

Major Spell Implementation: (How this spell will look and function in the RP. Ex: MS is Lava Axe. The MSI would read 'Focusing his raw anger, rage, and/or hatred into his hand, Planeswalker X forms an axe made of molten lava to hurl at a single foe)

AoE Abilities: (These are the minor, unnamed spells/abilities that you have picked up during your study of your AoE)

Appearance: (What your character looks like)

Gear: (What you have on you. This includes weapons and other things, however NO ARTIFACTS! You are as of yet, too inexperienced to have recieved/recovered any artifacts)

Personality: (Generally matches your colors, but does not have to.)

Background: (Must include the event that ignited your spark.)

Plane of Origin Restrictions: You may not choose the following locations: The Maelstrom, Alara; Lethe Lake, Arkhos; Pools of Becoming, Bolas's Meditation Realm; The Eon Fog, Equilor; The Æther Flues, Iquanta; Velis Vel, Lorwyn; Murasa, Zendikar; Tazeem, Zendikar.

Plane of Origin Notes: In the desriptions given, it's not always clear what colors a location has, so here are the colors for the usable locations (oh what fun -_-):
Bant, Alara - White, w/ some green and blue
Grixis, Alara - Black, w/ some red and blue
Naya, Alara - Green, w/ some red and white
Academy at Tolaria West, Dominaria - Blue
Isle of Vesuva, Dominaria - Blue w/ a little black
Krosa, Dominaria - Green, emphasis on might
Llanowar, Dominaria - Green, emphasis on life
Otaria, Dominaria - All colors
Shiv, Dominaria - Red
Turri Island, Ir - Blue, red, and green
Skybreem, Kaldheim - Red
Minamo, Kamigawa - Blue
Sokenzan, Kamigawa - Red
Goldmeadow, Lorwyn - White
The Great Forest, Lorwyn - Green
Cliffside Market, Mercadia - White
Panopticon, Mirrodin - Blue
Fields of Summer, Moag - Green and white
Feeding Grounds, Muraganda - Green and red
The Fourth Sphere, Phyrexia - Black and red
Sea of Sand, Rabiah - White
Stronghold Furnace, Rath - Red
Agyrem, Ravnica - White and White/Black hybrid (If unsure about this, let me know and I will do my best to explain it further)
Izzet Steam Maze, Ravnica - Red and Blue
Undercity Reaches, Ravnica - Black and Blue
The Hippodrome, Segovia - All colors (If your character is from Sygovia, you will be normal size when not in Sygovia)
Sanctum of Serra, Serra's Realm -Black and White
Raven's Run, Shadowmoor - Green w/ some black
Eloren Wilds, Shandalar - Green, w/ a little red and white in the form of plant hydras
The Dark Barony, Ulgrotha - Black (Planeswalkers from here will most likely be vampires)
Immersturm, Valla - Red, w/ battle based white and black
Naar Isle, Wildfire - Red, red, and more red

Once again, feel free to ask me any questions, and let me know if you think I left something out that you feel should be included in the character sheets.
Let me know if I have to change anything. I wanted him to be a calm gambling type.

Name: Iztes Ionin

Home Plane & Location: Ravnica, Izzet Steam Maze

Colors: Blue & Red

Race: Human

Area of Expertise: Mind & Burn Spells

Signature Spell: Stitch in Time

Major Spell: Odds (Odds/Ends)

This would be the armor he has on.

This is his facial features.

Gear: The only thing Iztes needs is his armor.

Personality: He keeps a calm mind in a situation but can be ferocious. This lethal combination can end in disaster for either himself or his opponent. His seemingly reckless behavior in battle has always been said to be his downfall. Rather, Iztes likes the adrenaline of a good gambling situation.

Background: Iztes was born wit the Planeswalker Spark. Not knowing this he enlisted himself under the Firemind. After taking the test to become linked to Niv-Mizzet he found new knowledge and quickly became an extremely powerful force. His ability to gamble and win seemed almost unnatural.

It was several years later that he disconnected from the Firemind unknowingly. It was actually Niv-Mizzet himself who disconnected his mind from Iztes's. This was because he was growing too powerful for Niv-Mizzet. So he ordered his assassination. All of it was carried out correctly except for one problem, his spark had ignited and he disappeared from Ravnica all together.
Looking at it now, yes, there are a few things that need to be added. I will need you to describe how your signature and major spells would work in-game. Stitch in Time, for example, what would 'taking an extra turn' work in a RP that doesn't use turns?

Also, your spells in particular will need a bit more explanation that others, since you have that 'coin flipping' mechanic. Does Ionin actually flip a coin and the spell eminates from the coin, with the coin acting as a sort of focusing device? Or do his spells work/work one way sometimes, and not work/work another way othertimes?

That's the stuff that needs to be added. Now for the stuff I have problems with...not really have problems with, but things that I think should be tweaked. Your AoE. It's fine if you have Mind and Burn magic, but since your signature spell is time affecting, and one of the possible outcomes for your major spell is to counter, which can be explained as reversing time to before the enemy could cast the spell, I'd say you should add Time magic to your AoE. Now, this would give you 3 AoEs, which is ok, but for someone who has only two colors, and to streamline things and keep them balanced, I'd say loose the Mind magic. These are just my opinions, though, so you don't have to go through with them if you really don't want to, but I think it pulls things together a bit more with your character.

And one last thing about your backstory. It's ok for you to have been linked to Niv at one point, but the time at which this RP takes place, Niv had been gone from Ravnica for several years, so he wouldn't have been around to have you assassinated. And I doubt that Niv, as arrogant as he is, would even call Urza 'too powerful' for himself. If you still want the assassination to be in your backstory, and still want to blame it on Niv, I can work that in, just so long as you have the disconnect take place during the attack of the Nephilims and Kraj, and have the reasons for your assassination be a total mystery.

On that note, I have plans for your character. Good plans. Very good plans. Plans involving why you have your spark and were allowed to work under Niv, who is a planeswalker, btw.
Name: Neit

Home Plane and Location: Naya, Shard of Alara

Colors: Green/Red

Race: Nacatl

Area of Expertise: Enhancement Magic

Signature Spell: Soul's Might (

Signature Spell Implementation: The target grows in size, muscles rippling to double upon themselves. They glow a slight green, their eyes change to cat's pupils, and their teeth growing into feline incisors.

Major Spell: Savage Hunger ( )

Major Spell Implementation: The target's jaw opens slightly, filled with their own teeth growing long and sharp. Their limbs become stronger, and they roar in a feral manner, nails growing long and ready to rend through those that stand before them.

AoE Abilities: Neit forces evolution. Some might consider it de-evolution. She makes creatures grow, adapt to harsh environments, or gives them special abilities - making wings burst forth for a few moments, increasing the size of natural weaponry, thickening skin, growing carapace, altering bodies, or enhancing already-established abilities. She can also do this in herself.


Gear: Well-made longspear, various totems, scraps of clothing, jewelry.

Personality: For a member of the Claws of Marisi, she's almost gentle. Blessed with the ability to improve the physical abilities of her allies, she's happy to bring her spear to the frontlines of any combat with the rest of her allies, using her powers to supercharge her friends into powerhouses. A strange combination of selflessness, honesty, and savagery. Unlikely to lie, she'll be one of the first to say things the way they are, even if it gets her in trouble.

Background: Belonging to a war-pride of like-minded nacatl, she was more than happy to follow her 'family' around, slaughtering those that got in their way. She was not the fiercest, but her allies appreciated her loyalty and willingness to sacrifice herself for other members.

After a successful hunting trip, the war-pride returned home to find it trampled, burnt to the ground and otherwise torn into pieces - like the bodies of the nacatl they found there. Burning with rage, they followed the trail of the one responsible - a Godsire. A being far beyond them, they halted and were prepared to run... when the surprisingly agile creature turned, hearing them... and deciding it wanted cat for dinner.

The war-pride fled... though not so far. Scooping up most of the members in a single bite, it devoured them... with a roar of fear and rage, Niet's spark blazed to life, and she vanished before the beast had the chance to get her, too.

Note: Her name is pronounced "Night". She is named after a real-world egyptian goddess.
I told myself that I was going to simply sit back and act as sort of the DM, but I've decided that I'm going to make my own character, who will act as a slightly more experienced planeswalker and a mentor for the players' characters.

Character Sheet

Name: Grazda, Soul Warden of New Agyrem

Home Plane and Location: Agyrem, Ravnica

Colors: White

Race: Male Human

Area of Expertise: Spiritual magic

Signature Spell: Shadow Lance

Signature Spell Implementation: Grazda calls upon the souls of the wicked whom he has defeated, be it their physical body or their spirit itself, and infuses the souls into his spear, turning it jet black with a faint red glow. The spear increases his reflexes and upon striking a foe, damages them on two fronts: Their body, and their soul.

Major Spell: Ghostway

Major Spell Implementation: Grazda calls upon his connection with the dead to make himself incorporeal. This effect lasts no more than 25 seconds. While in this form, nothing is able to touch or affect him. He does, however, remain slightly visiable. He appears as a full body apparition with a faint green glow.

AoE Abilities: Grazda can comune with spirits which would otherwise require a medium. He can summon spirits of the deceased. He can directly interact with spirits. He can sense spirits and shades. He can heal himself by absorbing evil spirits.

Appearance: See Shadow Lance art.

Gear: Armor and heavy spear.

Personality: Grazda is a noble soul, who seeks to protect the peace of the Multiverse, even if it means using violence. The times he is forced to kill, he makes sure to remember the dead, by either sealing the souls of the wicked inside hismelf, or by forming a bond with the souls of the innocent.

Background: Grazda started out as an armorer in Ravnica, on the outskirts of Agyrem, the Ghost Quarter, and was accustomed to the more-than-occasional ghost passing by. Due to the rampages of the Nephilim, the battle between Niv Mizzet and Kraj, and the various schemes of Szadek, the Ghost Quarter recently underwent an expansion. This new area is known as New Agyrem, and contains Grazda's shop. Due to the new 'neighbors', it has been years since anyone has stopped by to buy armor. However, Grazda has not become bored. In fact, he's been busier than ever, as the self titled Soul Warden of New Agyrem. He has taken it upon himself to protect the peaceful Ghost Quarter and its unresting inhabitants. It was while fulfilling his newest duties that his spark first began to glow, without Grazda's knowledge. Over time, his spark gave him access to Spiritual magics, a sort of counterpart to necromancy. Where necromancy allows one to exert control over the dead, Spiritual magic forms a sort of union with the dead. Two years ago, his spark fully ignited. Orzhov agents came to collect protection money from him, and instead of leaving after recieving their money, decided to conscript a few wayward souls from the Ghost Quarter. Not about to let this happen. He slew the agents of Orzhov, several of which were themselves ghosts. Angered, one of the Orzhov patriarcs ordered Grazda to be captured and tortured, the rest of his payments to be made in blood. It was at his breaking point during his torture that his spark fully ignited and he found himself in the Fields of Summer on the plane of Moag. Luckily for him, he was discovered by Urza and Karn, who then took him under thier wings.
Well things are being really really slow on the Iwaku for me. I will make some changes and add some spell and history explanation to my original sheet. Once it is finished I'll either edit this post or make a new post depending on whether or not someone posts after me. Yeah expect the changes within the next 24 hours or so...or when Iwaku stops being slow for me.
I just realized I had forgotten a section that I had kind of hinted at. You'll need to add a section for AoE Abilities. These are the minor, unnamed spells/abilities that you have picked up during your study of your AoE. If you need an example, check my character sheet.
I was wondering about that. Added Neit's AoE abilities... "Enhancement" for the win. I changed a bunch from my original post... dropping her White and Red colors, changing her Signature and Major spells a few times before deciding on the ones she had, and altering her backstory a bit. S'all good now.
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