Plague of Wonder

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Welcome to the OOC thread! This is where OOC may be done! Also, signups.


Appearance: (of current host body if a 30)

Backstory: (Including why they decided to take Wonder)
Favoured use of Wonder: (Basically, what's their skill pattern).

  • I challenged someone to give me three words, and I would create an RP setting out of them. The words I was given were; Epidemic, Restraint and Addiction. The end product didn't turn out particularly strong on any of them, but it prompted my imagination and that's all that matters.

    Around 1800 setting: London. Because London is an ominous af town. It is the great age of exploration. Rapid advancements in technology allow us to travel to the farthest ends of the globe with the same effort it used to take us to sail to Spain. Recently, the explorers discovered a new island off the coast of Mexico. As one would expect, it was a sub-rainforest environment, and relatively flat. There was also something else there, though. In the center of the island was a large Mayan temple with a small village surrounding it.

    The village was completely deserted, despite no signs of anyone ever visiting here before. There were no corpses and no burial ground either. Most importantly, this deserted town lay on a huge deposit of a pitch black mineral that the world had never seen before. It was tested in a variety of ways, and determined to be a strange material made of pure Matter, without forming atoms. If one were to dig out a small chunk of it, provided it had a mass of at most 25 grams, it would change its shape to that of a dodecahedron.
    It also had other traits, for example, just a few milligrams of it cured the scurvy that the sailors had been suffering from, in just a few minutes. This worked for every disease, and before long, the material, dubbed "Wonder" was being dug out of the island and shipped to the empire in huge quantities as an instant cure-all.

    Not long after it was put into general use, when the first side effects were seen. It began as simple addiction, with people who used it too commonly suffering from intense withdrawal symptoms, before becoming insane. The second side effect was much more severe; people who took too much noticed that they began developing strange new traits - such as enhanced speed, strength and even regeneration. After 10 grams had been ingested, the traits began to turn much more powerful. People known as Tens could freely control the matter in their body, transforming into ridiculous things, and even tearing their base material into atoms to take the form of inanimate objects.

    At 20 grams, you lose control of this and it happens automatically. You become little more than a human mind in a metamorphing body that transforms at it's own will, not the will of its owner. For a while, these beasts, "Twenties" were restrained in isolated detention blocks in Siberia, but now that they've broken out it's only a matter of time before they reach civilisation, and start causing havoc beyond their control.

    There is one stage above 20 though. Those who consume 30 grams, referred to obviously as Thirties. As mentioned before, 25 grams is the maximum mass at which Wonder can form a shape, so at 30 it has no shape, and is fluid. The anatomy of a human who has 30 grams of Wonder in their body is much the same. Thirties have no physical form whatsoever, and lose their ability to shapeshift. Instead, they are independent consciousnesses that have 30 grams of Wonder at their disposal, which can be freely controlled, even outside a body. On that point - In order for a Thirty to have a physical form, they hijack another body, be that one of a living person or a corpse. They direct the Wonder through the blood vessels of the body, and can use that Wonder in whatever means they like. Once it has finished doing its given task, the Wonder returns to the vessel network for further use. Essentially, when a Thirty hijacks a body, it becomes a kind of magician, able to freely summon and wield insane tricks.

    This plot will follow the story of a group of antiheros who are also Wonder uses of varying degrees as they build a syndicate in the underworld of London. Because syndicate is a cool word, and I think it'd be fun to run around screwing up the other mafias :D
  • There are many rules that one must obey should one wish to join an RP of mine:

    Number ONE! This is by far the most vital rule of all. If I find anyone disobeying this rule, you will be passive aggressively given "You need a hug" ratings until you begin obeying this rule or leave. And without further ado, the rule itself. In this roleplay of mine, you MUST HAVE FUN. Should you find yourself not having fun, I command you to do all in your power to rectify this immediately!

    Number TWO! This is by far the second most vital rule of all. If I find anyone disobeying this rule, you will be passive aggressively be given "Bucket of Rainbows" ratings until you begin obeying this rule or leave. Now, for what number two on the mysterious Rules List is! Do NOT do anything that will threaten the fun of the RP for other people. This includes but is not limited to: Godmodding, Power gaming, Meta gaming, being a dick in the OOC, controlling other people's characters, killing without permission from the character's owner and mailing glitter to the home address of another player.

    Number THREE! This is by far the third most vital rule of all. I had a really funny reference to make here but I forgot what it is so now I'm sad. Therefore, as a placeholder rule number three, you must all give me ratings that are slightly patronising but amusing in their use! This includes and is limited to the cookies rating because I'm hungry but there are no cookies in the house which is also making me sad.

    And last but not least! Rule number FOUR! This is by far the least important rule of all. It is in fact so unimportant that you must go to every effort to defy it. This rule is... do NOT talk about this roleplay! If I find you talking about this roleplay, I will give you ratings of "Thanks" and that little heart thing for helping get players!

    Now, I know that these monstrous threats will have worked, but just as an insurance policy, there is a special HIDDEN RULE! If you have read, understand and accept the rules stated above and the terms of use of these rules that I haven't written because screw that, you must add into the application the word "Orangutan" in a clever fashion so that it is disguised to the quick glancer! If the word is found in an undisguised location, and if other primates are mentioned without due cause, it is grounds for an INSTANT COOKIE RATING.
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