Pixie Hollow?

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  1. Hey guys, I know, I know, weird request, but as a lover of all things magical, I have a craving for it. Call me childish for watching Tinker Bell, but I love the movie, so I was looking for an rp about it. I was looking for something where we use ocs. We can throw canons in here or there, but for my character, and the other main i'd like it to be oc. There can be a lot of discussion about specifics here, but there are a few things. I play female, mxf only, and if things get graphic we can move to PM or skip. I will also do plenty of others! this is just a craving! Feel free to hit me up! Toodles. XD
  2. I would love to do this! So, I would play the male?
  3. Ok, but can we have a post minimum? I'm trying to expand my writing skills, so maybe we could have a two paragraph minimum for each post?
  4. I suppose, just kick me into line for it, I tend to think shorter posts help a story move along, and sometimes I am tired and rp to unwind or something, so if I write a response that you think is sub par, just kick me into line for it and reply. Sound good?
  5. Sure, no problem. Ok, should we do out character bios?
  6. I like to get to know characters through the story.
  7. No problem - can you please set it up?
  8. I would prefer if you could if that's ok.