Pixar is All About Details

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    Perhaps some of you have noticed these before. I know I haven't.
  2. I love their "cameos" of other projects:

    Crazy detail.
    There are more than just these. There's a whole list. It's ridiculous. XD
  3. Oh my goodness, love that last one with Boo.
  4. I love pixar and all their movies! :3
  5. Holy snaps.
  6. Pixar is just, incredible. I've loved every single movie from them due to the fact they're so aesthetically pleasing! And of course the plots are ace.
  7. I love Pixar. I wish Diseny hadn't bought them becuase they are crushing there creativity, but now they are starting to gain it back. I love all pixar. Done.
  8. You can also find the Pizza Planet truck and Boo's mobile in Finding Nemo. (Don't have screens though.) The truck drives by fast from right to left in one scene, you can barely see it. Boo's mobile is in the dentist's office, in the operating room itself I think.
  9. Lol. I love dreamworks, but Pixar is much more creative and interesting.