Pirates, Parrots, and Peg Legs on the High Sea.

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  1. it has begun

    Speaking of hope though-- I've been itching to play a certain someone from a certain animation by the name of Shelter

    I've been at a loss on how tf she could work in any type of MG setting. Might have to play an AU of her, or... something.
  2. i did not feel a need to advance on that if it was just for cagliostro alone
  3. What Joshua's end goal is when it comes to his flirtations.

  4. <3 you, Kimmy. Say hi to Ilona for me.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Lol, that's just a fake text message someone made on tumblr if Joshua had a phone. If you want cute, have best Sacred Stones ship fanart.

  7. "She was at the bar before she disappeared."
  8. John smiled * "you look adorable Evelyn."
    Alexander laughed softly * "I figured as much , but now that Diane is here . She can not have her." *alex knocked on the door* "baby girl it's mars and I. Can you let us in?"
  9. "Hm?" Harmony was cuddling Lyra in her arms while Melody was curl up in her wing.
  10. Interest for this still on the rise? If you want, we can archive and you can re-present the idea. Looks like an interesting beginning...I'd like to see where you go with the plot.
  11. Yea, Archive it for now.