Pirates, Parrots, and Peg Legs on the High Sea.

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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!

I've always wanted to start a High Sea/Pirate Rp, So now I will take a chance and see what happens. I'm Guessing the Players would play Pirates - although at this point I'm open to any suggestions that you may have. The majority of the Roleplay would take place on a large masted ship in the middle of the sea, however we will surly get a chance to do some onshore pillaging as well. The Weapons and Equipment should be kept to the end of the 17th to early 18th century, however the overall setting will be fantasy with no real life ties to Time eras or locations.

Romance? Not in my RP! Well maybe a little.

I have a basic storyline as well as a ship description and some other important IC related info., but I will wait to put that up until Tuesday if people start showing interest.

O.k., So please, post your interest here as well as any ideas you have for potential Rp plot. I will be leaving tomorrow, but when I get back (on Tuesday) I'll put up a CS skeleton and the IC, depending on how much interest I have.
Flagons, flintlocks, wenches and wyrms. Count me in.... there will be wyrms?
YES! I was already thinking that same thing, Vay, you've read my mind. At some point there will be a vicious Wyrm attack, after all whats High sea fantasy with out Sea creatures?

Thanks for your Support, Vay.
Well october, if you need help... I'm a long time fan of Pope's and O'Brian's books. Also read a few autobiographies by pirates. I may nitpick but I know stuff.
Sweet, I'll keep that in mind.

Any ideas on a good type of ship? I've been doing a little research, but your input would help.
Sloop, almost all pirates used sloops. Fast, maneuverable and dependable. The biggest pirate ship was Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge though he also had smaller ships. She was 300tons and had 40 guns.
I'm interested! But of course, you already knew that. lol
I'm Interested in you too, oh wait *Turns red* ....In the RP, Right.

Anyways, I'll wait for a couple more then I'll post the CS skeleton.
Interest for this still on the rise? If you want, we can archive and you can re-present the idea. Looks like an interesting beginning...I'd like to see where you go with the plot.
Yea, Archive it for now.