Pirates, Parrots, and Peg Legs on the High Sea.

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  1. it has begun

    Speaking of hope though-- I've been itching to play a certain someone from a certain animation by the name of Shelter

    I've been at a loss on how tf she could work in any type of MG setting. Might have to play an AU of her, or... something.
  2. i did not feel a need to advance on that if it was just for cagliostro alone
  3. What Joshua's end goal is when it comes to his flirtations.

  4. <3 you, Kimmy. Say hi to Ilona for me.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Lol, that's just a fake text message someone made on tumblr if Joshua had a phone. If you want cute, have best Sacred Stones ship fanart.

  7. I'm interested! But of course, you already knew that. lol
  8. I'm Interested in you too, oh wait *Turns red* ....In the RP, Right.

    Anyways, I'll wait for a couple more then I'll post the CS skeleton.
  9. Aww...*pets October* You're so adorable. ^_^
  10. Interest for this still on the rise? If you want, we can archive and you can re-present the idea. Looks like an interesting beginning...I'd like to see where you go with the plot.
  11. Yea, Archive it for now.