Pirates of the forever sky

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  1. Bearded Dragon Inn, The King's Province, Grandia, 1208
    You walk into the Bearded Dragon Inn with you bag slung over your shoulder, and the weapon handed down through your family to the first born of each generation. You take a look around you and smile as you see people of the same status as you: Recruits For The Royal Air Navy. It's a tradition: The first born of each family is to fight in the war aboard an air ship.
    "All recruits, sign here and you can start loading into the buggy and towards the air strip."Called Recruiting Officer Millaer Roland. What position do you intend on playing on the ship? Are you going to haul cargo? Fix the engines and repair the ship? Maybe you will be party of the invasion party that fights on board the enemy ship. Either way, you will be on board a ship, flying high above the sky.
    Roland stops you after looking at your back ground papers. He tells you that you are part of royal blood, and that you will be joining the Sky Knights, a select fleet of sky warriors. Only three others are able to join this, because only four people in the entire king's province have royal blood.

    Any body interested? Looking for three others.
  2. I might be interested. ^^ I'd need to think of a decent character.
  3. As interesting as this sounds, I don't suppose women are considered firstborns required to sign up?
  4. Women are allowed in this, if that's what youre asking.
  5. If women can join then sure, I'm in!
    Got a rough idea for a character too.
    (Image drawn by me)
  6. You are a very good artist! Women are for sure allowed in, you don't need to worry about that. Looks like we need just one more person (And the person up there to say for sure if they are joining) and we are game!
  7. Awesome :)
    And thanks *blush*
    Are you going to make a recruit/OOC thread, sometimes that gets people to notice it?
  8. I shall, yes. I just have a bunch of ideas for roleplays I want to put into a concrete story line right now. I've got this want to make a Zombie/Apocaypse roleplay and what not. But I will for sure put up an OOC/Sign ups definatly.
  9. *shamelessly pokes this, because I like pirates and stuffs*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.