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  1. So, I have a very basic idea. A setting more than a plot, I guess, but that's why I post here and not in signups, I suppose.

    So, the idea: A group of space pirates, primarily made up of aliens.

    Again, I know this isn't a whole lot to work with, which is why I'm open to suggestions! :D
  2. sign me up matey! I'm thinking some sort of farscape sort of situation. If you've never seen that show, it would be cool to have a whole bunch of misfit aliens all trying to get the same thing- or run away from the same thing.
  3. Tell me more. I'm already imagining an organic being that fights robots. WITH HIS BARE HANDS/WHATEVERS! (Being an alien and all)
  4. I'm up for it as long as you're okay with having a really flirtatious space pirate matey. ;3

    Makes me miss cowboy bebop. xD
  5. Just a suggestion, but the story could feature not only space pirates...


  6. I wanna be a human space pirate who does what he does so that he can support his family! :D
  7. Whatever kinds of aliens and your behavior is up to you :3
    Also, the idea of some navy people of some kind as well sounds like a good idea! Its always more fun with a nemesis! >:3
    Now we only miss a plot then... I might have something forming in my head already, but if you have an idea, go ahead and post it! :D
  8. Yesyesyesyesyes!space pirates ftw!!!

    Umm... Are manipulating, sadistic alien pirated allowed?
  9. The question is: Is any other kind allowed?
    And yes, yes they are!
  10. I think I'll post the signup thread sometime tomorrow, though I still only have a vague idea for a plot. So if anyone got any ideas, post them in the meantime! :D