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Pirates: A RP

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PirateRP, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Pirates: A RP.

    Come and join us as we sail the 7 seas. Serve under a pirate lords, plundering the English, Spainish, French. Server as a captain, 1st mate or simple a crew member.

    The seas are rough, pirates run amok. A group of 4 powerful pirates have decided to start up a council, to try and bring some order to the anything goes pirate world. They include experienced Lords and new to power Lords. None of the should be under estimated though - they came to power through hard work, determination, wit and above all, squashing anyone who dared to defy them.

    Where will this new order lead to? When will the Spanish, English, French navys show up to try and put a spanner in the works?

    You decide all.

    Pick your side, and join in the adventure that is Pirates.

    We welcome RPers of all ages and experince. A whole world of piratetastic RPing awaits.

    Pirates: A RP