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  1. Well, seeing as August is coming, a.k.a. Pirate Month, I got this idea, and if we get enough people it could be something amazing and really entertaining. =^.^=

    So, here's what I'm tossing on the table:

    Pirates. The kings of the seas and the best dealers there are to be. But only one ship can be the best one, the question in hand is: which ship shall be the one to reign all the pirates? Who is praiseworthy of having the title of Lord of the Sea? Which Captain of them all can call him/herself Scourge of the Seven Seas?

    May the Pirate Wars begin!

    My idea here is to gather a lot of us, make different crews that will be commanded by a Captain (you decide who s/he will be mates!) and these crew will have a ship (same case as the Captain, you decide the name of the ship or the Captain does). The ships will find between themselves and have a good ol' battle between them. You can either call a retreat if your ship is too damaged and go to the boats or be on the ship until the end. If the ship sinks and your crew has survived, you can always construct another ship when you are on land. ;) Ships that haven't found another ship near them can have some fun and throw a party on board with rum and wenches. c: Or what about this, your ship gets stolen by your rival! What will you do? Certainly get your ship back from that old scallywag!

    This would be taking place in a scenario a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean.

    So...who's in for it? Hehe. ^^;

    =Character Sheet=

    Alias: (Any special name/s your pirate is called?)
    Dedication: (What does this lad/lass do to stay alive?)

    Position in the Crew: (the Captain's right hand, the bootblack of them all, admiral, etc)
    Ship and Captain: (Who's your Captain? What ship are you in?)
  2. =insert awkward Turtle and crickets in this space over here=
  3. Can we be part of an countries Navy?
  4. Sure! It would add something to spice things up between the pirates! =^.^=
  5. I would love to join, of course as a pirate, so I'll be working on the character sheet starting...Right after I click the 'Post Quick Reply' button.