Pirate Talk!

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    The good ole' pirate talk! This thing take some gritty vocabulary skills! The way pirates speak is unique! It's actually it's own dialect! Dialect is the way someone talks when it comes to writing. Whether they have an accent, use slang, or even speak in fragments, it's their own special way of talking! Pirate's talk in a since of themselves. They love addressing themselves and reiterating the thoughts that go on in everyone's head! For example, they use the word 'me' instead of 'my' and the word 'yer'instead of 'your'. There are some words and phrases that, if seen in written format, can automatically hint off that they are a pirate. The word 'Aye', for example. It replaces the word 'yes' and 'yeah.' A pirate can slang that word around all the time and it sound natural! >:D

    In role plays, dialects need to be written a certain way! For example, everyone knows pirates may talk rough and raspy, or loose and slurred. Mr.Gibbs on Pirates of the Carribean is a rusty kind of captain. If you were to write like him, you may use something like, "Aye, and he be havin' yer head ona fancy silver platter soon after, i'll tell ya', aye." The 'ing' words lose their 'g' and are not stuck with an apostrophe at the end! It lets the reader know that they are talking in a rough kind of dialect!

    It be confusin' to ye head, aye? >8D

    Your Job is To: Write a post using PIRATE TALK!