Pirate rp anyone?

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  1. .: Plot :.
    The year is unknown, there is a constant battle between the Royals and the Pirates. But who really are the bad guys? Most pirates avoid the Royals and hunt for hidden treasure, where most Royals spend their time tracking down Pirates. Either way the constant battle continues, The pirates fight among themselves to be the most feared pirates. The Royals fight to be the best Pirate hunter of them all. Battle rage everywhere, yet people seem fine with this. There is no end in sight.

    To make matters worse a few groups of pirates have gotten angry and gone as far as stealing women from the towns and taking them hostage. The Royals are not pleased and sparks are flying. The bounty on any pirates head has gone up. And the price willing to pay for one that kidnapped a women is amazingly high!

    But the fun doesn't end there, the pirates are all on a race to find the pieces of a map to "Vendamina" A small island said to hold more riches then a man could fathom. They just have to find it. This along with lots of other 'treasure holding islands' has kept a lot of pirates busy and away from the Royals land. But still.. there are always the few trouble makers.

    Things I'm looking for:
    There are many ways this rp could go so I'll do multiple versions of this is if more than one person is interested.
    I need someone to play a male pirate (age 19-23)
    Hopefully there will be possible romance. ^-^
    Please please please be literate.
    Don't be afraid to take your ideas into action. I don't want to be the only one making things happen here.
  2. You had me at "pirate." Sent you a PM. :)
  3. ERRRGH...To RP or not t--Yes.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.