Pinkie's Poetry

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  1. "Fall Prey to Him"

    Hail Him! The Lyrical King of Lust!
    Arise and tempt his touch of darkness
    Revive my dejected soul and succumb to the
    Veil of Shadows. Reveal to me
    Ever long the Hunters Moon, flushed with
    Staggering Color. I bade thee
    Tap into my mind, Into an eye that has no
    Opinion of Misfortune.
    Forget all of my beauty and embrace the
    Satisfaction in a rebellious tongue.
    One of wit and poise, graceful in
    Realities standards. One whose
    Rose smells as sweet as the bite of revenge
    Open your heart and fall prey to the
    Will of such a handsome young master.
  2. "And I Obey..."

    To the woman who beseeches Hell… and I answer.
    She who calls upon me by full name… and my response is “Yes Dear?”
    One being so luscious… I find myself upon my knees at her mercy.
    The lady who hath flames in her heart… of which I pleasantly burn myself upon.
    A female so intense… I beg for more despite my blindness.
    Her body a siren call… that I release the ropes for willingly.
    My Eve… whom I graciously accept her apple.
  3. "Small Words"

    I spoke words this morn of which I desire never to speak again;
    I fought the flow of saline and bade my heart to start to mend.
    I passed the day with meaningless thoughts to keep the mind at bay,
    I hoped to death and prayed to Gods for next morn a better day.
  4. "The Beast"

    She calls upon me and with obedience I answer, never thinking about her intentions, never considering the dark pull around her is what lulls me. I step close, she steps closer. My eyes haze over and I realize I am within the Venus Fly Trap. She has lured me into her grasp, pulling me tighter and I want more. I resist, ever so slightly as to control the deep stirring. I fight, in good conscious, but my grasp waivers. I can smell her, the blood beneath her skin, the sweetness of youthful flesh. I desire things about her that I perhaps shouldn’t... the caverns deep within my mind suddenly fill with concepts I would normally pass by. I grit my teeth as I gently touch her skin... feeling... feeling... over whelmed with thoughts that make no sense to my kind. But I am different... I have been exposed. They will never understand. They can never grasp... what it’s like to have a woman in your arms...

    My fingers itch to grasp hold, my body moves on its own, and I am drawn to her. Drawn to her desires, her wishes and wants... behind those eyes... I can see where she wants me and I obey. I obey her. I obey. I can say nothing, I am at a loss for words and I move in closer, closer... ever so close. She speaks, and it’s all I can hear. What she says I can not remember, all I know is to obey. I answer, but only out of reaction. I fight to regain consciousness but her spell is wrapped tight. I feel the hunger and that is all that is conscious. The Hunger... the need. I close in, my lips so close... to tasting. I breathe in not of my own accord. The need is taking over. Slowly, parting my lips I take the flesh in. My tongue dances across the exposed skin and a wave of energy surges through...

    Blackness... I am no longer. I wait... until the need has consumed his fill. Wait until he has relinquished my woman... until he is sated and full. Then, once again I will regain my sight... my mind will return... my hands retract and I will return to the darkness... where I belong.
  5. "Broken"

    Easily falling apart,
    The broken pieces scatter.

    Easily falling hard.
    To you I don’t matter,

    Easily breaking a heart,
    The broken pieces scatter.

    Easily breaking apart,
    I’m so broken.
    But it doesn’t Matter,
  6. "Frail Passage"

    A fine tear in the mask…
    Enough light to shine through that blinds me;
    I welcome the burn.
    I call for the searing pain it brings,
    I wish for nothing more than this.
    For the punishment.
    But not for her.
    For me.
    I call upon it.
    I plead to take the burden so that she no longer has to feel.
    My only desire is to be her shield.
    To be her warmth.
    To be her Love.
    To be her Lover...
    But time does not permit.
    Our worlds so far apart.
    And she exists without me...
    But a shadow of ourselves.
    I call out;
    I call with my inner most being.
    But my wishes fall upon deaf ears.
    Her world but a bubble and I with no nail for passage…
  7. "To The Soldiers"

    Dare the unwilling to challenge their Fate
    Estimate the length of Infinity that will take
    Suffer the hardships of Truths unnumbered
    Take on the mission of which we encumber
    Inside we look for our own calling to Life
    Never wondering about our starvation or strife
    Your name transforms and strength grows inside
    Proactive to fight, walk, run; we won’t die
    Rage grows in us to extinguish the fear
    Our hearts pound like drums to the choir we hear
    Calling like Angels, Like Demons we fight
    Lord, Be with us, May out feet take this flight
    Air borne may we be, Land or waters of the Sea
    Intimidated by none, We’ll be the number one
    Mind set, Boots laced, I’m ready, Here comes the race
    Soldiers are We, the Brave, in the land of the Free.
  8. "Thrice the End"

    Love doesn’t know. He’s blind.
    Love doesn’t listen. He’s deaf.
    Love doesn’t care. He’s dumb.
    Love doesn’t try. He’s dead.
  9. "Celestial Inter Being"

    An angel calls my name
    Never thinking twice of the price that follows
    Gently stirring the depths of my abyss
    Ever channeling the flow of her light
    Leaping into the unknown
    Offering her heart for my soul
    Falling fast in a sea of emotions
    On an island of Midnight
    Deep within my core
    Yearning for my cold touch
    She wishes me to embrace her
    Saying that it is only I that brings her to life
    Even my dark heart could not resist her eyes
    Yet she knows not what awaits her…
  10. "Beyond Rubescent"

    Sing in an enchanting tone that breaks my dark heart
    And know that each time I hear your angelic voice a
    Keen and radiant pain passes through the abyss that is my soul
    Urge the Life back into this long decrepit body and
    Recall lucid memories from once passion might have come.
    Allow these cordial hands to embrace your delicate, ivory skin
    Now and Forever, for eternity could not keep my
    Body from yours. Gravity could not hold me down long
    Enough, Time could not tick by without my agonizingly,
    Apprehensive mind grasping for your image. The vivid call
    Unto my being for yours stirs profoundly within me and a
    Tempest of emotion rumbles the walls within my inner most core.
    You shall always be my Sanctity, my Seraphim, my Sakura.
  11. "Her Bidding"

    He falls upon shattered knee and awaits his Queen to bid him rise. His heart races with anticipation for a command that never comes. His restless soul ebbs, his stalwart emotions holding ragged breaths. He hopes, Oh so dearly, he clings and still she pulls the chain. Still she reels in the leash with untrustworthy intention. His hope prevails and he continues to hold out. No enemy can faze him. No blade can pierce him but for one. His Queens silver tongue...