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  1. Hello! :) My name is destiny - just call me Des.

    I've been RP-ing for over almost two years now - though mostly in HP, Dragon Age and ME universes and also some original ones (apocalypse, post-apocalypse, urban fantasy.etc). I was on a hiatus until I got the urge to RP again after chatting with a couple of old RP friends.

    I hope to have an enjoyable experience here!
  2. Hi! Welcome to Iwaku~ First thing you should know about Iwaku is that we're not a universe roleplay site. We're a roleplaying community, so we don't have just one theme and there are countless roleplays happening all over the site! It might be a bit different than what you're used to but there are two easy ways you can have any questions answered. First, be sure to check out the 101 links found in the Help tab on your navigation bar. If you still have questions after that, feel free to message me with your concerns. If not, get out there, get roleplaying, and may the Muse be with you~ :)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Des! Honestly I don't even know those abbreviations. Like HP makes me think of hitpoints or Hewlett Packard ^^;

    Anyway, yeah as Dawn stated, there's a variety of genres available here at Iwaku. You may want to explore roleplaying in the realm outside of your usual ones and find it enjoyable. In any case, I hope you have fun here :)
  4. [MENTION=258]Dawn[/MENTION]: Thank you! Haha sounds good - I'd been meaning to try new styles for some time anyhow. Will do and thanks for the tips!

    [MENTION=5764]CrashAriMP5N2O[/MENTION]: Basically - Mass Effect, Harry Potter and Dragon Age :) Hahah! Well, true. Sometimes abbreviations do make you think of other things - I get it quite often too. I've been having a look-around and it seems awesome. Thank you!
  5. Hi destiny~

    Its nice to see you are out of your hiatus~

    Welcome to iwaku~
    Where youn don't just write stories, you live them~
    Said so in the banner.

    If your new to Roleplaying in this forum refer to this: Roleplay 101

    If you want to know all about the community then read this here: Community 101

    If you want to chat with everyone live go here: Chat
    The general chat is usually where you'll be able to find everyone. Don't be shy and just chat away! Everyone is friendly there. ^^

    There is also a very interesting roleplay that roleplays the History of Iwaku where it can be seen/read here: Mythos
    There is a new Mythos open called Crimson Souls. Its open for all roleplayer who'd like to join, so maybe if you are lucky enough you can be able to be a part of a huge adventure!

    Hope you will enjoy your stay here~

    Oh, and by the way, if you are shy to look for a partner then look me up! I can be your first Iwaku roleplay partner. I always enjoy roleplaying with new people. ^^
  6. [MENTION=5922]Primevere[/MENTION]: Hiya, and thanks! :D I'll be sure to look about properly and cool - I didn't know there was a Chat page. I guess I'll drop by from time to time.. Ah, sure. Sounds good :) Thanks a lot~
  7. No problemo, friend~