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Not really sure if this belonged here or General...But I chose board games since we need more...e.e;

We all need a little loving, and we all need to compliment ourselves, so

Choose one thing you really like about yourself and explain why.

You must also compliment on the person above you about something else that you like about them.
This will also be a good way to get to know each other more. :3

One thing I like about myself are my eyes. ^^;
They're a dark brown with a really cool design in them and when the light touches them, they look gold. ^.^ I really like the way my eyes glow. <3

...and since I don't have a member above me, I shall compliment on Iwaku. Iwaku is just awesome as a whole. :D Great place to get away from reality and have a little fun. ^.^

Now it's your turn.
I like my hair! It's always changing in colour and/or style. Keeps things funky and new for me. :D Plus, nothing helps my confidence like a new do.

As for Loveless, I like her charm. Seriously. She has just the right amount of adorable and beauty!

[Hope I did this right. It just occurred to me that there's more to compliment than looks... Late hours only allow me half-brain functions. D<]
I like my positive attitude and sense of humor.

I like Fluffy's style! Also her dedication to Iwaku.
o.o. . . I have the least amount of self esteem on earth. BUT. I will try.~
Hrm hrm hrm hrmhrmhrmmmm.
I enjoy my ability to be open-minded to most everything I come to, and most everyone I meet. Also, I am social and like to make others laugh, and thus have many dimples that are fun to poke. Thus, shows where my nickname 'Dimples' came from when I was dating this one guy.. >.> soyea and stuff.

He is incredibly kind and welcoming. - w-
Also, he has amazing hair, and makes me smile.
tis a warm fuzziness he brings with him to every topic he posts in, and/or creates.~