Pie sounds.


The Butterfly

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<iframe title="YouTube video player" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wK7tq7L0N8E" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" width="480"></iframe>

This pretty much sounds like all music when I'm on shrooms.
I thought this thread was about something entirely different.

Interesting thought. What the hell is that thing he is playing at 1:20>?
You don't hear music when you're on shrooms, you see it.

And I think that's some japanese or chinese instrument, hell if I know the name.
I'll disagree with you only because I've been on shrooms so often, Darkness. It is basically what music all sounds like when I'm like that. What it LOOKS like is entirely different.
Pink Floyd on shrooms is the best.
The one time I heard the full album of the Wall I was high off shrooms and watching the Alice in Wonderland it was supposed to coincide with. Really something else.
Well that was a trip. Where are my liederhosen?
i thought it was what actual pie sounds like.. not Pi the number.. XDDDD wow did i fail. but now i do wonder what pie sounds like XDD maybe it sounds like muffins... XD