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    This is the Iwaku Picture Thread! Post up a few real life pictures of YOU and only YOU for other members to see and comment on! This thread is a poster wall for seeing your faces.

    How To Upload Pictures

    - Use Your Profile Album!
    - Use the Post Attachments
    - OR use a site like Photobucket!

    IMG Code: [noparse][​IMG][/noparse]


    - If you want to post A LOT of pictures or pictures of stuff from events or people that are not just you, post your own new topic in so people can comment and chat about it!

    - If you're sharing your photography, post a new topic in
    Art & Writing to showcase your newest work!
  2. th_yomodelandoafueradelcasino-1.jpg
    me pr2.jpg
    Not scene :D Plus...Recent...Kinda
  3. Hrrm? (open)
    Hrrm? (open)
    Super 80's hair.~ AU NATURALE. or something. 8D

    We were playing this board game called Pandemic in Alt yesterday, and I made a picture with the playing pieces that represented virus outbreaks. :D IT'S A FLOWER.<3
  4. Lol All Bad Ass. I want those guitars though!
  5. A bit old, but still a cool picture, I think.


    I was different, back in the day. And then I changed when the afro came off.

  6. I like it better with your haircut :3
  7. When Cerulean gets bored...


    We must stop this! >.>
  8. Everybody is so prettyful ^-^

    -Hides all of my RL pics- ^^;
  9. But I want to see everyones face D: Come on Layne, don't be shy
  10. But my avatar is so much cuter >_>; Just pretend I'm a little cartoon fairy thing ^^;
  11. O; Nuh uh I just can not accept it. I am sure you are as beautiful as any one else
  12. -Tiptoes toward the door- >>;
  13. -Follows and tug on her shirt- D: don't leave
  14. -Le sigh- Fine. Just so that we don't overrun this thread with arguing..


    A couple years ago, but I look basically the same .-. Just add glasses and different hair and take away the lovely airbrushing from the company that did my senior HS pic. XD
  15. You're absolutely adorable Layne. ^^
  16. -Blushes deep- Oh hush, I amn't >>;
  17. I love your brilliant smile Layne! Only you could pull that off >. <
    I have a lot to show from my birthday party yesterday, kinda. I'll put those in my blog when I get on it this week.<3 But here's a few from the other day.
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler
    Giraffe neck. :D

    It's annoying how pale I am, I have to edit the lighting and such. Not a big fan of this take, but I just liked my hair.~ 80'S POWAH.


  19. My afro from like 2 years ago to my hair now and me beating everyone on go-karts lol
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