Picture Challenge #5: The Eye of The Beholder

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  1. Everyone sees things in a different way. Everyone's perception of events is different, and everyone, in turn, has a different perception when it comes to art. Using the picture above, write a haiku about the picture itself, or about a time when you've seen a piece of art and thought to yourself that it's appearance is reminiscent of something!​
  2. Wide eye stare
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Jet black ink stains white[/BCOLOR]
    Light reflects


    I'm not too skilled at haikus, but I tried a 3-5-3 XD
  3. Stares out at the scene,
    Watches as the sun rises,
    Bathes the world yellow.
  4. Windows of the soul
    Reflecting both cloud and light
    Seeing, feeling both
  5. Pupil retracts in
    as surprise overtakes her.
    Bang, bang, goes the gun.