Picture Challenge #3: Sadness

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    Upset and worried is never how you want to feel on a daily basis. However, sometimes, things happen in life to make you sad, and this is what I will base this challenge on. You must write one poem (or as many as you want) on the feeling of sadness, in any poetical format that you desire.
  2. This may be a small stretch as far as being considered poetry on sadness rather than more generic creative writing, but this is a rewritten version of a very old poem I wrote while feeling sad ^^


    A simple word with a typically simple image to accompany.
    A glass in jagged pieces on the floor.
    An arm wrapped in a tight cast.
    A disk with a web of cracks across its shiny surface.
    But that is not the sort of broken I am feeling now.

    Arms around my waist as I shake with sobs.
    Staring at the clock that reads '3:00 AM'.
    Music in my ears that remind me of when I was happy.
    This sort of broken lives not as a physical state.
    Broken can be an emotion too.


    I'm probably no better now than when I first wrote this, but ah well!~
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  3. And the tears roll,
    And the brief moment when they lean over
    "I'm sorry"
    It doesn't stop the tears dripping
    Or the anger of our veins
    Or the broken heart we feel
    And the days of neglect
    Tortured by ignorance
    A word can not change a world
    You can't fix the destroyed.
  4. This might be more termed as depressing... yet one could claim that depression goes hand in hand with sadness. Tis a perpetual state that makes any happiness hard to find. Rather interesting that this be my first official post here.

    Never right always wrong, never worthwhile always useless
    They say behind my back, never caring, never enough
    the light is harder to bear each day, the dark beckons so lovingly
    I yearn for that dark to come hide me away.
    To young they say to feel pain
    to young they say to be depressed
    to young they say to die
    They do not care, to young they say
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  5. A love of pain, a love of shame
    A heavy soul that no one knows
    No one can see this little game
    A feel of cold, an empty hold
    A fleeting light, an endless night
    A ghost maybe, is all I see
    Do I try to fight? I think I might
    Or try to flea? From dying me
  6. Beautiful Pain

    Leave me here to die
    Naked in front of the maleficent eye
    Ignore me as i cry
    Knowing I'll never be able to fly

    Forget about my love
    Once as innocent as a white dove
    But I will never rise above
    This false reality I am a part of

    This beautiful pain
    I loved in vain
    My wrists thoughtlessly slain
    Singing the same silent refrain

    About life I do contemplate
    Your affections I often debate
    Reset my world to a blank slate
    Submit to my sad fate

    In this terrible world we did create​
  7. A crushing blow indeed. Like the wrinkles of an old videotape, etched and wretched, decayed as the passage of time marches on, never ceasing in its infinite longing for all things to end. Among the crowd of onlookers did a woman drop to her knees, her bones cried out but she could not hear them as the world rumbled all around. She could not listen, she could not budge as a certain death barreled down upon her. A hauntingly beautiful oblivion crashed down in a great white out. But moments before did the fairgrounds ring out with cries of joy from young and old. The creak of old rides brought nostalgia to the young girls ears, memories of yesteryear filled her mind with a certain beauty only she would know.

    A great blue sky, devoid of clouds with only the bright mother of Earth shining high in the reaches of space. The wind crisp and cool as the rotating shadow of a carousal fell upon her. She was searching for something, though she didn't know what. Maybe that perfect moment for that day when she'd catch sight of something fascinating which she could tell herself as she searched for slumber on a night years from now. Oh the sign of peace of a true blue sky was faulted as something soared high with the ferocity of armies compressed into a small dome. The crowds came to a halt as a roar hailed as a choir of certain death.

    As it approached the horizon a tingling sensation took hold of the scruff of her neck, latching on with tightening grip. A great flash blistered the horizon and tore the sky with forces not meant for this world. The wind no longer whispered, but cried in terror as the horizon was torn and the wave approached, shattering the landscape as ripples in a pond. The sight was glorious to behold, yet left a terror which screwed itself into the soul as a terrifying leech.

    She dropped to her knees. The world breaking. Wrinkles of an old videotape, spun into the fire.
  8. Aching chest,
    Shattered mind,
    The fires of passion,
    Put out by salty tears.

    Fingers tangle in hair,
    And eyelids squeeze shut,
    As the Dreaming Girl,
    Is shattered once more.
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  9. Tonight was meant for celebrating
    Lights and music and dancing
    The night that she had been dreaming of
    With her latest one true love

    But this night had not turned out as planned
    Her date had ditched her for a girl in the band
    Now her tears run freely down
    Upon the frilly expensive gown

    Her thoughts are frantic and torn
    As she sits in the restroom all forlorn
    How can she show her face out there
    Every one of them will mock and stare

    So the night of celebrating and glee
    Would be light, music and dancing free
    While she waited in tears for it all to end
    Who could she trust did she have even one friend?

    She finally heard them say "last dance"
    She knew that she had missed her chance
    Standing to look at the red nose and eyes
    Reminding herself of all the lies

    She went to the door with her phone in hand
    Wishing this night had been wonderfully grand
    She slipped out the door and choked out the call
    Dad came to save her before the end of the ball
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