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  1. So I found this picture and I thought it was completely adorable! ^.^ I really liked it to want to have a rp based off of it. :)


    So I was thinking that my partner and I could each play two characters, since there are four guys in the picture obviously! cx They all could be in one giant relationship, or there could be two really close couples, or they all could be close friends or even siblings for all I care that are slowly but surely developing feelings for each other.

    So the plot still needs a bit of development but I'd like to hear my partners or anyone interested take on this. I'm open to any ideas really! I love supernatural, fantasy, anything with mental asylums always peaks my interest, sometimes I just like normal rps too or characters with tragic pasts! Those are fun! I also like dystopian themed rps and even steampunk, things like that's sounds cool! All depends on my partner!


    •What I am looking for is a partner who is willing to play the 'top' or 'dominant' when it comes to sex. I, for the most part will play only the bottom but I don't mind switching once in a while either or having one of my characters play a switch.

    •I only rp on the libertine threads please! ^.^

    •1-3 paragraphs or more. Also, I only rp in third person and expect my partner to do the same.

    •Please tell me any of your triggers or kinks you don't do. I like to know my partners boundaries and I will happily tell you mine!

    •If you ever want to talk to me outside the rp, please go ahead! I don't bite, much. ;)

    •Send me a pm or comment below if interested! ^.^
  2. *raises hand and jumps up and down* PICK ME :D pls?
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  3. Lol, okay! I'd love to rp with you! XD send me a pm! :)
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  4. Still looking! :)
  5. Will do! Unless you would rather look for someone else. Just curious after you posted that you were still looking.
  6. No! I'd love to rp with you! I like rping ideas with different people so it's fine! :D
  7. Still looking! ^.^
  8. I'd be super interested in this :) This sounds like a great idea, and I'd love to do it if you're still looking.
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  9. Of course, I'm still looking! :D I'd love to rp with you! Send me a pm! :)
  10. I would, but it says your inbox is full when I try to sent you a pm ^-^' If you want, we can discuss it here or whatever, I'm fine with anything :)
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  11. Deleted some messages and pmed you. ^.^ sorry about that! >.<
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