Pics of the icestorm of 09

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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
I took these pics myself when we had the big ass icestorm in January 2009. Snow is kinda rare in the south but storms like this happen a lot. We had a total of one and quarter inch of solid ice two inches of sleet and one inch of snow by the end of it. Trees where breaking off every few seconds when i was out taking these pics!

Click to view high-res version

First wave of pics when it was starting out:

Wave two when the trees finally started to fall:

Here is our "river" Diana told me about..

These trees here look fine now but in wave two they where wiped out.

My favorite pic! looks like Nuclear Winter!

Wave three Early the next morning:

Wave 4 All the ice has stopped falling but the trees are still breaking off.

Someone better have car insurance...

My favorite fishing spot... It got those annoying low hanging limbs out the way!

Trees fro Norway will stand through anything....

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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
Arkansas! The South gets the big icestorms because of it warmer moist air moving in from the gulf over cold dry air! But it all most never snows here! It just rains wile it is below freezing outside!

During the day that was happening it was only 27F -2.78C. Then dropped to 7F -13.89C. It looks a lot colder than it really was.. the cool thing is because it was warm air moving over the cold air we had thunderstorms in that too.. There was lightning in the middle of the Winter storm!

We lost 25% of the trees in this area. It still looks kind of mangled out there.. took months to clean up all the fallen trees! It did about as much damage as a category 1 hurricane to the trees! the last one hit two years before this one.. So I'll get to see this again in a few more years!

I Eat Brains

Holy Guacamole!

That's a lotta ice!!

The most I ever get is a thin sheet of frost covering my car on cold winter mornings but it melts almost instantaneously when I drive in the sunlight :3

Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
I've all ways wondered if Australia gets any Winter storms! There it would get cold in the South rather than the North too....

I Eat Brains

Yeah, the south is generally colder than the north.

However, our winters are pretty mild. It's the summers that hits us pretty badly because we have massive bush fires which are caused by both nature and idiotic arsonists. Our most recent bush fire this year was horrible... :( I remember finding bits of ash on my car in the morning and wondering whether or not I was looking at the remains of a human being.

Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
We have a lot of fires too.. summer droughts and stuff.. most the time it is hot and humid in the Summer.

I Eat Brains

I hate humidity! >:C

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So, it was a bit cold, then?
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