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  1. Carter dragged a man into an alley
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  2. After clocking out Anri headed to the locker room of the café in order to switch out of her clothes. With short brown hair and stormy grey eyes, the waitress was twenty years old and already a junior in university. Her goal was to become a psychiatrist. She was almost finished with her bachelor's. And then she would be off to medical school. Although she had gotten a full ride scholarship, she needed to money for medical school. So, she managed to get a job at a four star restaurant, and honestly her check was nothing to complain about. After throwing on jeans, a jacket, beanie, and purple scarf Anri locked her work locker, grabbed her bag, and took her usual route home.
  3. Carter made sure the premise of the alley was clear, no one around to hear the mans screams. No one to see him die at her hands like most people did.
  4. She pulled her scarf above her nose. It was a bit chilly outside, which was unusual in their city. Anri shoved her hands in her pockets as she watched, the almost dark moon shining on her. She turned down the usual street that would take her into the alley. Her headphones blasting Korean music in her ears, she didn't hear the screams. But that didn't stop the red flags from rising in the back of her mind. Something didn't feel right. And Anri's intuition was never wrong. It was at this thought that she looked up and spotted two figures in the alley.
  5. Carter hadn't notice Anri, before slitting the man's throat and throwing his limp, lifeless body into the dumpster inside the alley. She wiped her hands off on a handkerchief and turned around, just to see Anri watching her.
  6. In movies, the character is minding their own business when they witness a murder before their eyes. They stand their stunned, slowly backing into the wall, until the killer sees them and decides their fate. This was not a movie. This was Anri's life. And as soon as that knife, which gleamed in the moonlight, connected with the males throat Anri was already bolting from the scene. She didn't run because she was scared. It wasn't easy to inspire fear within the girl. She was running because she wasn't stupid. It was a good chance that this person didn't want any witnesses. And if she was going to die she was going to die fighting.
  7. Carter followed the girl to her home and stayed outside, watching her through the windows
  8. Anri didn't go straight home. She wasn't an idiot. So, she ran the opposite way. Where? She couldn't say. But she had lived in the city long enough to find a couple of safe havens. Anri was like that. She always had a plan for everything. Even if whatever scenario playing in her mind was a stretch she planned for it. And in this case, it came in handy. She didn't know how long she ran. It could have been half an hour. For once she was glad she hadn't skipped out on track practice this year. After she felt that she had run long enough she came to a stop and waited for something to happen. When nothing happened she sighed and caught her breath before heading home. She hoped whoever she had seen commit such a heinous act was no longer tailing her. However, as she shed her bag and headed into her room she couldn't help but feel like something was watching her. It's probably you being paranoid, she thought. Anri kicked off her shoes, and with the glock under her pillow, eventually fell asleep.
  9. Carter snuck through the window into her room, then through to the kitchen, enjoying some of the food Anri had before walking back upstairs and sitting on a chair. Waiting for Anri to wake up
  10. She wasn't sure what woke her up. Maybe a small sound. Or maybe it was the event from last night, but Anri bolted awake. She cocked her gun in one swift movement as she awoke, pointing the metal in the correct direction. Her voice was steel when she spoke. "What the hell are you doing in my house?"
  11. "I was hungry." She said bluntly, rolling her eyes. She seemed to be filing her nails with her knife
  12. "Whatever." See? This was the problem with Anri. She felt no attachment to anything around her. Here there was a killer in her room and she wasn't even hysterical about it. Proof of how jaded she was. Surprisingly, this a-social disorder she contracted had nothing to do with her upbringing. Her parents weren't bad. They were the best. However, her mother figured the reason for her stoic behavior was because of the story of her birth. Long story short she was born at seven months, and spent four months being raised in an incubator instead of being bonded with her parents. Hence, her having no attachment to anything or anyone in her life. It was just a theory though. Anri's theory? She was just f-ed up. With a scoff Anri hopped out of bed, gun still in hand, and got dressed for school. As she picked up her bag she said, "I'll appreciate it if you're gone by the time I return."
  13. "Nah. I'll be staying for awhile. Unless, you don't want to live." She pulled her revolver and pressed it to her back.
  14. Again she scoffed. "Do it." She swore this I-don't-care attitude was going to get her in trouble one day. "You'll be doing me a favor." She told her, her voice unfeeling. "Otherwise, I'll be taking my leave."
  15. "Id rather stay here with you. Such a delicate flower." She rolled her eyes and purred
  16. Now it was her turn to roll her eyes. Comparing her to a delicate flower. That was the lamest thing she had ever heard. Especially since Anri was nothing like a flower. With a shake of her head she left the room and started downstairs.
  17. Carter smirked and followed
  18. As she started out the door she could hear extra footsteps behind her. She was half-way to the university when she realized the footsteps hadn't stopped. She spun around. "Where do you think you're going?"
  19. "Following you."
  20. Her grey eyes narrowed. "I didn't ask what you were doing. I said where are you going."
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