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Physical Attraction [Wresie and Dark_one]

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by wresie, Jan 16, 2015.

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  1. "Fa...th...? aith.......? FA...H! FAITH DOORE WAKE UP!" Headphones are snatches from a young woman whom jumps, the silence she had come to embrace shattered by the bustling of people in a small cyber cafe, furious typing breaking her concentration. Blank gray eyes blink until they focus on an rather annoyed looking blonde with blue-green highlights and eyes. The blonde sighs and sits in a high backed bench a crossed the booth from Faith setting the headphones down. "Will you please come back down to earth for one minute? I know, I know. Us human beings aren't as fun as your flight friendly bird friends, but I have something important to tell you."

    Suddenly blank gray eyes close and a gust of air from a brown haired woman's nose that becomes a long winded sigh is followed, "Belle? I'm sorry. I was just thinking about my next project... I was thinking about painting something for once... Maybe a plane? Or robin, I really like ro-"

    "Yeah, yeah," Belle cuts in with a wave of her hand followed by a loud sucking of a straw hitting rock bottom of an iced latte. "Birds, art, blah, blah, blah... Lets talk about something serious for once? Like... Boys! When was the last time you had a date? Like a century ago!" Faith gives another long winded sigh and pinches the bridge of her nose. Here goes her best friend again, for someone who wants to get into ecology and protect the world from further damage she is often pegged as boy obsessed. Which, in the long run, is good seeing how she is the one who gets Faith out and with people her age.

    Regardless Faith doesn't feel like she has the time right now, not with so many projects due soon and on top of that she needs to finish a few customers custom pieces before the week is out. All in all Faith Doore fills her time with everything, but dating. Sadly for her that Belle always had someone in mind for her. So she listens half hearted to her friend continue on with her speech.

    "I mean, come on! You know how many dates I've been on recently? Five. FIVE. And you...? Its been seven months and don't give me that 'I'm busy' bull crap, I know better! All you do is stare off into space and sometimes put a pencil to paper... Honestly, even with all your talk about possible projects, you're in a rut.'' For a moment Belle stops, eyeing her friend and daring her to disagree. The brown haired woman will not though, in this instance her friend is partially right. She has been creative enough and been able to force inspiration when its needed, but that authentic spark hasn't been present for a little over seven months now. So she allows Belle to finish with. "And this is why we are so totally gonna match you up with your next muse! Perfect, right? You get to float free in your world of... I dunno, jello or something, and I can totally get a new guy to ogle at... I mean... No one, but the best for my bestie!"

    Faith rolls her eyes and begins to pack up her things, "Alright. Introduce me then." The happy squeals that follow cause a little smile to appear on the bruenette's face before she picks up her luke warm green tea cup and knocks it back. "... But I am in a hurry, Belle... I have class in, like, an hour." Her friend shushes her as she pulls out her phone and someone up. Once done she smiles a wolfish smile.

    "Don't worry. You'll meet him soon," Belle nods to herself. "And trust me he's a catch~."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.