Pheraxis: A Thief and A Vixen (Thomas McTavish & WitchesRayvyn)

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  1. Callawyn had had a rough time this past few weeks. Times were hard in Pheraxis, and had been since the Inquisition took power, Santos hit hardest of all. The Inquisition were hunters of Practitioners- users of magic- in Pheraxis, and likely elsewhere. Santos was the nexus of all Practitioner trade, and the home base of The Syndicate, a Practitioner rebel force working against The Inquisition.
    Callawyn himself was not a Practitioner, but magic users were not the only ones the Inquisitors hunted. Anything and anyone they deemed 'unholy' was fair game. And Callawyn, being a shadeshifter, was deemed unholy. Partly because shadeshifters are more of a cursed people than a race themselves, partly because shadeshifters are predatory competitors of vampires. Both drank blood to survive, but the difference was that shadeshifters are mortal and vamps are not. Shadeshifters, while not completely unaffected by sunlight, could survive and thrive in the daylight and need mortal needs. Vampires die in sunlight and need no such things.

    This particular shadeshifter, though, was more concerned with other things at the moment. In this instance, how to steal enough valuables to pay an apothecary for more poison. Stuff didn't come cheap.
    The deadline for the monthly cash-in for the local middleman was sunset, and he had maybe half an hour left.
    His day was spent tailing a particularly fashionable man that had arrived only three days prior- an outsider to Santos. He had purchased many items which went for high price on any market these days- natural ingredients for a supernatural concoction. But no matter. What concerned Callawyn was a box he carried with him at all times. It's contents had to be of great value for him to guard them so closely.
    Lucky for the thief, the outsider was too busy haggling with a tailor over the price of repairs to his cloak to notice a dark, hooded figure walk by and away- box his hand. Once in a secure location, Callawyn began working the lock. A tricky contraption, a pin tumbler lock with eight pins instead of the usual three-to-five. It took a few minutes, But Callawyn opened the lockbox, opening it and examining the contents. Quickly replacing them with rocks, re-locking the mechanism, and placing it back where the owner had it originally, the thief walked off with a handful of emeralds, amethysts, and rubies.

    Four solid knocks. Callawyn's fist came down hard and steady on the wood, and a moment passed before a curtain in the window parted ever so slightly, and the door swung open shortly thereafter. Entering the building, the musk of pleasure and flowers caressed his nose, wails of ecstasy dulled by wood doors and brick walling. The Fox Den was the home of Callawyn's middleman, a nexus between the thieves and assassins who would prefer to stay anonymous, and the fences and contractors who commission them. In Santos, the middleman was the owner of the brothel- Madam Vixen. A Kitsune and Practitioner, her and Callawyn had become acquainted roughly a year and eight moons past. They had already begun to become close, one could almost call them friends. But there was still the factor of business. Having one of the Madam's Dolls alert her of his arrival, he took a seat in a chair he was becoming quite fond of, and awaited the arrival of Madam Vixen to lead him to her room to discuss what twenty percent of his loot she would take as payment, the rest to be distributed to fences and their worth repaid to Callawyn in coin at the next deadline. He was already to collect some 1,500 in gold, though this crop would yield a bit less.
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  2. Lorna cursed softly as she made her way up the stone steps from the secret basement of the Fox Den. She wasn't usually an overly violent or cruel being, but she had let herself get a little too carried away with the punishment of one of her newest customers. It seems the man had either not paid attentions to the rules of her house, even though she took great pains to explain them to every new customer, or he didn't care about them. Either way, no one got away with harming her Dolls, especially harming them in a permanent fashion. Even with her mastery of herbs and some healing magick, Lorna wasn't sure she could save the poor girls eye, though she would be able to heal the other injuries with a few potions and making the girl rest. As it was, she was going to be unable to properly clean herself up before she had to meet with Callawyn. She was sure he would understand, but she hated to show up looking less then her best, and showing up to their meeting with her sensually curved body speckled with the blood of her victim was nowhere near looking her best. She would have preferred to at least have her Doll's rub her down for the meeting and then take a bath afterwards, but that just wasn't in the cards it seemed.

    As she neared the door to the basement, she willed her ears and tail to vanish before she motioned to the Doll waiting for her by the door. The girl spoke as she approached her mistress and told her that Callawyn was early and waiting for her in his usual spot. Lorna nodded and allowed the girl to help her slip into an dress that fit the vixen like a second skin, clinging to her body and accentuating her voluptuous figure. The neck line of the dress fit her like a collar with a small keyhole opening right above her chest, showing more then just a hint of cleavage. It also left her arms bare and had a high slit cut in the side that stopped mid-thigh, allowing her to flash an ample amount of leg. She left her feet bare as she preferred to make a little noise as possible when she walked through the halls of the Den. She nodded her head in thanks to the girl and dismissed her as she exited the basement and made her way towards where her next appointment was waiting. She made her way towards the back of the second foyer and she let a smile grace her lips as her golden eyes landed on the rouge seated there.

    "Good evening Callawyn. Please excuse my current appearance. I got a bit carried away in voicing my displeasure of his treatment of one of my Dolls to a customer. He of course, will no longer be a customer at this house. I do hope you have not had to wait long. If you're ready, we can head up to my chamber. I'm sure you are as eager for what I have to give you as I am to see what you have for me" she gave him a coy smile as she turned to head towards the stairs that would lead them to her chambers.
  3. Body reacting before he could think, Callawyn had his legs tensed and a dagger half drawn before he realized he had dozed off and was in no danger. Sliding the dagger back to rest as he got up from the comfort of the chair, he followed her, taking a deep whiff of the air, and catching a faint scent of blood. "Of course. And as for your current state of uncleanliness, I think it smells... delicious." He replied, running a his tongue over his canines.

    Taking a seat on one side of the desk, Cal dumped the assortment of gems, jewelry, crafts, herbs, spices, and small weapons on the surface of the desk, and began separating them. "Not much this time, the noose is tightening." he shrugged, dropping down into the chair with a flump. "Take your pick."
  4. Lorna's bell like laughter filled the halls at his comment. "Only you, my dear Callawyn would say such a thing, but I do appreciate the complement even if others would not agree with you. This can be a dangerous business from time to time and because of the things we deal in, more often then not we must fend and protect ourselves." As they made their way to her private chambers, Lorna casually ignored all the other patrons that were currently visiting her establishment, though she did acknowledge her Dolls with a look, just to make sure they were in no need of intervention. Though she had special Dolls who's job it was to routinely check on the others, when she was able, she liked to do it herself. It kept her connection with those under her care strong and also allowed her the opportunity to intervene on a situation before it got out of hand.

    Once they were securely within her chambers, she made her way to her side of the desk and busied herself with opening the safe she had behind a portrait that hanged behind her desk. When she finished, she turned to see that he had already separated his latest haul upon her desk, and her golden eyes flickered over the different items briefly before she smiled at him and gently placed the bag of gold on the desk in front of him. "Yes, things are a bit tight for everyone these days. It happens from time to time. Nevertheless I was still able to get you top price for nearly all the merchandise you gave me last time. I believe there is around 2,000, maybe 2,300 gold in that pouch." her smile turned slightly seductive as she retrieved her pipe and lite it before taking a look at what he had to offer her this time. "I can be very persuasive when I want to be. It's why I have so many customers" She bypassed the weapons completely and moved to the gems, herbs and jewelry. He had been right, though what he did have was very high quality, meaning she would have no problem bargaining top price for them on his behalf, he did not have much to offer that piqued her interest. Her eyes settled on a set of golden cuffs and she made a small sound of consideration as she slid them to her side of the table. She could easily meld power gems to them, perhaps to strength her connection to the earth branch of her magick. She also took a couple of the herbs that could be use in a more advanced healing salves and potions as well as a few gems to place onto the cuffs once she had bespelled them. It didn't quite equal her normal 20% cut, but she would just take the rest once everything else had been exchanged for gold.

    Once she was finished she sat in her overly plush high back chair and slowly crossed one leg over the other, the high slits in her dress allowing such a movement and flashing nearly all of her creamy pale legs. "It's not quite enough for my cut, but I'm sure you trust me to take what else is owed to me once I sell the rest, and not a penny more of course. I don't think I'll have a problem selling the rest. You won't get as much as last time, but it will be nothing to scoff at." she took a drag from to stem of her pipe and blew the smoke into the air. "But enough about business. How is the world outside my doors? As you know I do not go out much myself and I am limited to only what my customers tell the Dolls, though Felix does tell me of anything he things is of importance." Her lips slowly moved into a comfortable but coy smile. "Will you be staying with us tonight? Though I may not be free for the more carnal of pleasures, I would be delighted if you agreed to join me for dinner."
  5. A loud series of pops and cracks emanated from Callawyn's neck as he twisted it almost to the point of snapping, taking the purse and attaching it to a place on his leather armor. "As I said, things are worsening, and for Practicioners most particularly. The poor are getting poorer and the rich aren't making significant gains. The Inquisition is starting to find ways to seize Practitioners and their property by legal means without it looking like a straight-up witch hunt. Santos grows restless, and the Syndicate are all but inactive. Holy Grandwarden Servos has had particular interest in Santos as of late, as well as her sister city, Gaera. They know we're here, they just don't want all-out war, yet. I'm finding more and more competition on the streets as the months drag on. But I don't mind too much, and the local law doesn't mind finding their corpses too much, either. Less work for them. I heard word there was an antimage in the tavern about a fortnight ago, but he caused no trouble. Uh, what else... Ah, yes, Butch the Herbalist will be getting a shipment of Cat's Eye, Foxglove, and essence of Rose from the Northfields, if you want to to 'pick some up' for you. Farin also got some rhodochrosite and moonstones from the Darrek Mines to the southeast."

    Callawyn though for a moment, considering his options. It had been a while since he had eaten either food or women, so why not both in the same night? "I think I shall join you for dinner, and then have one of your Dolls for 'dessert'. I don't think I've been properly acquainted with Mai yet. When can I expect the meal to be ready? I have a few small debts I need to pay and a few I need to collect before the meal."
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