Pharaoh Wolf Pack

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  1. The Pharaoh Wolf Pack is an ancient group of beings who are not bounded by the kingdom many call the Earth. To them it is a prison, a place where they are not free. The sky is where they belong, it is where they should always be. They were chosen by the gods (Fenris and Tor) to make bonds with the birds. The wolves call them Their Avian Brothers. In order to bond with one you must respectfully kill it and attach the feathers to where ever you wish. As a pup you pick your brother and gain abilities with the bird. The pack does this so that when a wolf dies it's spirit will be able to guard the pack forever tethered to this realm by the blood of the birds. As a new pack tries to take over the Pharaoh territory it becomes harder and harder to keep the rival pack from the hunting grounds. If the Grounds of Bonding are taken from them any future of the pack will disappear. What will it take to protect the pack?

  2. Name: Vamina
    Avian brother: Kardinal
    A lean and slender snow white wolf with greyish under fur. Her eyes are a yellow / orange color. She has sleek red feathers on the backs of her hind legs.
    She is a sarcastic and often rude wolf and rather tall and thin in human form. She has platinum blonde hair and pale skin. Her hair curls lightly framing her face. She keeps quiet to herself mostly, not taking well to strangers. Vamina, wandered into the pack as a young pup and was immediately accepted by an elderly wolf named Shor. After claiming her avian brother he became sick and died soon after. Sometimes she feels his presence, which makes her miss him all the more. Usually she stays by herself, not taking in pack affairs , but with the dangers now the pack needs all the help they can get.

    Vamina lounged on a high rocky platform, watching the pups below as they began to play fight. Lazily she rested her head on her paws. She had yet to find a mate and still hasn't had pups. Personally she wasn't sure she wanted either. But for now she just watched the young ones wrestle each other carelessly.
  3. Name: Licyn
    Avian Brother: Borock

    Appearance: Wolf form her main fur coat is of dark grey, patches of black and highlights of brown appear on the face and back. She is bigger than most of the females, considering she is next in line to become Alpha. In human form she has whispy short brown hair, a broad body (defined muscle). Her eyes are yellow-ish brown. She has a scar across her chin from battle.

    Personality: She is stubborn, coi, and head-on with her opinion. She is willing to fight and protect for her pack, loyal as she is. She is worried about becoming leader and having her mother, the alpha female, be gone from her life. She doesn't talk much to the omegas, only in business or confronting. As a person in whole she is kind but not gentle, she rushes and stampedes on to things rather than taking things slow. She can negotiate fine, though, most of the time it comes off more aggressive than intended, because of her intimidating stance and tone.

    History: Her avian brother was claimed to her when she was at a very young age. She still wears the feathers around her neck. Licyn was born as one of the alpha female's only daughter. Her brother died when he was a pup. He died from a pack attacking the Pharoh pack. Licyn never knew her brother, but knows his spirit is watching over her. Licyn was automatically chosen as next in line, but is scared that she is not appropriate for this position. Although she does know her destiny and must protect the pack, as much as she can. Knowing the crisis at the moment she hopes and wishes her mother can make it through, but, if it must be done, she will lead her pack to victory.

    Licyn just came back from a long hunt of dessert-rabbits and prairie rodents on the hot morning's eve. Licyn rolled her tongue out as she dropped the remaining caucus of a rabbit. The hunters behind her close behind also had food in their mouth, ready to serve to the pack. Hopefully equally shared. Licyn walked slowly towards the den of where her mother would be, possibly resting, saving her energy. Licyn noticed Vamina watching the pups, one of Licyn's old friends since puphood, she noded towards her and prompted on, smiling.
  4. With a wolfish grin Vamina returned the kind look towards her friend. The Alpha to be was rather kind, kinder than others in the pack. Some of which still don't accept her for being an outsider. "Licyn." Gracefully, like always, Vamina came down from her perch, swiftly making her way to her friend. "How did the hunt go?"
  5. Licyn raised her head and stopped as the Vamina came towards her. Licyn wagged her tail in friendly greeting. She put her ears back as she heard the question, she wasn't quite proud of the catch, but she knew it was better than 2 days ago.
    "It's still a little scarce... But this time they are much bigger kill. Rabbits." she tried to smile at the Vamina. Licyn still watched her as she walked, wanting Vamina to walk with her. Talk more and catch up since the last they have talked. "So.. How is it so far? Watching after the pups?"
  6. Vamina sighs at the news, "At this rate the pack will end up starving. Our number is too great to be supported by rabbits." Vamina treads thoughtfully with her friend, "Well now that people see I can actually teach them something, it's going quite well. At first I wasn't sure how to teach them about our avian brothers, but I think I got it down pact about now." quietly they walked with the other. "Soon I have to scout. I haven't in a while. Very much looking forward to spreading my wings. " Vamina chuckles as she hears her avian brother's voice in her head agree with her, Kardinal.
  7. Licyn held her head low. she knew that it was a dreadful moment for the pack, let alone that they have small mouths to feed now. Licyn perked her head hearing the uplifting news for Vamina. "That's great Vam! I'm sure you taught them well." she pants and stops at the entrance. She looks over at Vamina, knowing this is where the talking ends.
    "I must go and tell mother... The Alpha. She'll know what to do." she noded at her friend and looked at the wide dark entrance. Sand and dirt thick. She looks back with a another small smile at her friend. "Hope to talk to later Vam. You should tell your Avian that I give him great greetings." her voice was polite and she walked off, fading into the cave.