Phantom's Secret

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  1. After the events of Pitch attacking Burgess, everything had gone back to normal. Ages passed without any other mishaps with Pitch or other Spirits around the World. Until a new Guardian was announced in North's Workshop. After ages of a routine, all the previous Guardians were excited for something new to pursue in the case of the new Guardian.

    "Oh, I hope they have teeth as great as I've heard~!" Tooth exclaimed to her small batch of fairies, who also agreed and started buzzing around like normal. Sandy signed with Jack, who chuckled and nodded in agreement. "They sound like fun," Jack commented while everyone surrounded the altar where MIM would announce just who was the Guardian. Once the time came and MIM shined his light on the Altar, everyone was confused about how faded the image seemed to be. "What is meaning of this, Man In Moon?!" North asked while everyone attempted to find out why they couldn't make out much from what seemed to be a female Guardian according to the silhouette.

    Miles away, a tall figure held a purple candle up to the sky, watching the fog clear away and reveal the millions of stars littering the sky. Umbra Illuse was the new Guardian, but she was not in favor of being with so many people. She preferred staying with her stars and granting the smallest of children the wishes they wanted. Umbra was the Guardian of Wishes and Stars, known as a Phantom in the spirit world. One who could find her would be granted the wishes of their lives.

    Umbra (open)