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Jake groaned as he found himself dragged from his bed by his ever persistent mother who was basically screeching louder than his alarm clock in her disapproval of his room, his hair, his pajamas, his grades blah blah blah...

"Mother, I get it." He snapped once she paused to take a breath and stood, rubbing at his head and wincing at the faint sting on his scalp from a bump he'd gotten in his sleep. Maybe from sleep fighting with his headboard again. He stared into the mirror and blinked tired green eyes before splashing some cold water on his face.

After grooming himself up for the day, his thick hair nearly in his eyes and mussed from his curls and clothes smelling some-what clean, he was on his way to school. He hated school, like any teenager with no friends in the ominous building, and felt like his life was being crushed a little as he got closer and closer to the brown stoned building where dozens of bright yellow buses and several clumps and cliques of students talked loudly to their friends.

"Just kill me now." He groaned as he reached the front lawn, a tingling sensation of eyes on the back of his body. Like someone was staring...

A quick glance disproved the notion and he merely went inside with a small sigh of disappointment when the students seemed to ignore his existence. Not noticing the one shadow that flickered in and out of the clumps of chatting teens, eyes seemingly locked onto the tall teen.

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Basically, I forgot completely about this thread! But now that I have been reminded of it's existance I decided to come and add to it to clarify! ^^;

In this small town called Rendvour, there are strange things. Like a family that decended from a half ghost and a human. But of course, no one remembers such a thing. But when ghosts start to become a nuisance that no one can explain nor understand, latent powers are awoken.

This town is pretty isolated by it's misted mountains who passes fill with so much snow in the winter, that the town in locked in until it melts away. The neighbors are secretive but friendly, the children are close minded or snobby, and the population is around one-thousand. In this town, strange things do happen.

Basically, that's all it's about. I would love to play the guy who has his abilities awoken, but also have some mis-adventures with another guy. I can only tolerate yaoi (sorry those few who were interested and only wanted to play girls D: I can't stand females. Or playing a girl.) But I'm not to sure what else I can explain that could be better explained as the rp continued.