Petto no Nichijō Seikatsu

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  1. Daily Life of Pets / Petto no Nichijō Seikatsu

    Slice of Life │ Animals │ Comedy

    You are a pet living in a cozy Japanese neighborhood with your humans. When your humans are home you are the definition of a perfect pet (or maybe not, who knows). But when your humans leave, you're transparent personality develops into something deeper. Maybe you're an adorable kitten who believes they're the epitome of evil and are destined to lead the demons of hell in the war against humanity. Or maybe you're a prim and proper show cat who has a flair for getting into vicious fights and cursing up a storm. Either way, you live in Feiku Chiki-mei, a beautiful gated neighborhood, and this the story of your daily life.

    No godmodding
    No furries/anthros
    No super powers
    No eating/killing/harming of other pets by other pets (without users permission)
    Ask me if you need clarification.
    Just a warning: There will probably be a lot of cursing in this rp.
    There really is no end goal in this rp. You make your own problems and solve them (or don't)
    This is a aloof, comedy, please don't get all heavy and sad on me.
    At the end of your CS put 'Wuffle Ears', so I know you read the rules

    Post Requirements
    At least five sentences
    Third person, past tense.
    Try to use a spellchecker/grammar checker

    Character Sheet
    True Name: [Like what your mama named you, not the bullshit your human pinned you with]
    Domestic Name: [This is where you put Sparkly Butter Butt or whatever the hell your human named you]
    [Insert what you look like here. Anime or drawn picture only. Or if you love words, put a description instead.]
    Species: [I think this is obvious]
    Breed: [What type of {insert species} are you?]
    Personality: [Are you an angel or a little shit? 3 sentences max.]
    Biography: [If I see any abuse stories in here I will flip my shit. 5 sentences max.]
    In Game Family: [Pets that are a part of your household. Npcs and player character too]
    Enemies: [Self explanatory]
    Allies: [Ditto.]

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