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  1. no you haven't missed much.
    Aww yes I love Demi and Helens friendship also YUP! Itzlie finally saw who Hidden was...this is going to be good
  2. Samuel

    It feels like a ton of bricks is lifted off my shoulders as I watch Jennifer toss the knife aside. My body slumps in relief and I flash her a grateful smile. "Thank you, Jennifer. The fact that you're even trying to trust me is, well...I'm being redundant, but it's brave of you." I notice her shaking and a sympathetic frown graces my visage. Poor dear, she's just as terrified as I am. I never expected these turn of events to occur when she first attacked us, but I suppose that is the point of life. Nothing is truly predictable.

    I carefully pat the top of her good hand, the best I can do for comfort. I'd usually offer a hug, but that's obviously out of the question right now. She's probably panic or stare at me as if I'd grown a new limb. I...would honestly have an internal panic attack as well after giving one.

    Some pride flourishes in my stomach as Jennifer openly laughs at my story. I didn't think I'd be able to weed such an reaction out of her, but this truly proves that she's relaxing around me. I hold up a finger. "I swear I am a much more attentive baker now. I've definitely learned from that mistake." However, Jennifer's story is downright hilarious. Goodness! Who has that much misfortune in the same hour??

    "Goodness gracious," I say while shaking my head. Jennifer is completely patched up now, though I still feel horrible about her ear. I'll have to consult someone else about it (I wonder if there's anyone with an extended healing ability? I'll have to look into that later). "Well, I'm sure you would've smashed the presentation if you were healthy. Everyone has those days, Jennifer." I almost tack on a semi-bitter comment about specific days filled with attacks and shootings, but I hold my tongue. I stand up and give her some breathing room.

    "I..unfortunately can't do anything about your ear. I could look into finding help later but..." My fingers twiddle and wring around each other nervously as I pin her down with a pleading look. "I know you want to leave, Jennifer. I understand. Trust me, I really do, but...we really can't afford to have this happen again. You're in uniform, covered in weapons," I gesture to her mask and discarded knife, "You've obviously been hired by someone. Just...we need answers, okay? I know you don't remember much, but anything will do...We just...I-I don't think we can even function unless we figure something out."
  3. Yay! Your trust meter has gone up
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