Personification Challenge #4

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  1. What is a Personification?

    A personification is giving an object or an animal human-like characteristics. Personifications of objects should have some parts that belong to the object in general. The personification can be a tree, fingers, potato chips, the sun, the color blue, or even happiness. in layman's terms, personifications give human-like characteristics to nouns (people, places, things or ideas).

    So your job is to make a personification of one or more objects, and then write out a role play example that shows them in action. There will be various types of personifications to choose from, and you get to pick any scene with them. There may be restrictions each week.

    Here is an example:

    Perfume (open)

    In order to think of a well-portrayed personification for your character, you would need to:
    • Brainstorm everything you know about the product you want to personify. If you come up with little or no information, you may wish to conduct some research (Wikipedia is a good base for knowledge).
    • If the product in question comes in multiple colors (perfume, lotions, tissues, pencils, etc.) and types, you may wish to narrow it down to a certain brand and/or type of product.
    • Pick out the most prominent characteristics of the product. These characteristics should be present on your personification.
    • BE CREATIVE~! Creativity will make your work shine~!
    • Be very, very careful if you want to personify something that may violate the forum rules.
    DO NOT
    • Try to use personifications that were already done (such as KanColle, Hetalia, etc.) It would sound fishy if you showed a picture of Tenryuu and slapped your name on her, would it not? If you do that, turn yourself in to the police, mate. You just committed plagiarism.
    • Go overboard with the personification and waste your time. If you really want to make a personification of the Civil War or another major event in history, you may wish to narrow it down to a certain Battle of the war. You may take too much time in making your sheet.
    • Try to make things that seem to be overdone or otherwise too generic. If you make a personification of an animal, try to be as creative (and original) as possible. There are so many cat girls and dog boys out there. Why not a boy who has a short temper?
    • Name your character "Milk" or their personification unless if it fits them. For example, if you wanted to make a personification of the Moon, you can call them "Artemis Lunasta" or a name that fits with what you want to personify. You can also name them "Chocolate" if you can't come up with any unique names. Hell, their names don't even have to be related to the personified product!
    YOUR JOB~!

    • Create personifications using these SIX products
    • You may combine personifications, too (dusty keyboard; cheeseburger backpack, etc)
    • Out of the SIX things (three animals, three things/ideas) you will need to make at least TWO personifications.
    • These personifications should be original!
    • Write out a character sheet for the personifications, and write a writing sample with them in action.
    • You will need to choose wisely~!
    • You have a choice to personify either animals OR objects.
    • To complete the task, you will need to use your critical thinking skills and think outside of the box
    • The two personifications do NOT have to be talking to each other.
    • If you make an animal, if you want to make a dormouse (if you cannot think of anything else), go ahead.
    • They must abide to a Modern Fantasy OR Modern Sci-Fi setting.
    Opossum (open)

    Tiger (open)

    Swan (open)

    Flute (open)




    CAT O' NINE TAILS (open)


    PERSONIFICATION OF ___________ (Selected item goes in the blank)

    Real Name:
    Birthday: (if applicable)

    RP Sample should go here or anywhere you used the character (be it here or another forum~)​

    Name: Brock
    Age: 23
    Species: Half-Human; Half-Demon
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: Unknown
    Appearance/Personality: Brock is what most people would identify as an arrogant S.O.B. He's rich, stuck-up, and highly sexist and chauvinistic towards women. As a demon, the sin he is controlled by a majority of the time is that of lust. That being said, he seduces younger women, having sexual relations with them, and in turn, torturing them and keeping them captive. Women who abide by his rules and requests while they're captive are the ones who get to see the light of day, others are executed. He has shoulder length blonde hair, piercing green eyes, and a usually sharp toothed smile.
    History: Not much can be known about Brock, however, many stories do become spread about by demons of a smaller scale. He is highly revered in Hell and is mostly praise for overthrowing Lust himself as one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    (Sorry, this sample is extremely short...)
    The girl's piercing shrieks served to be music to Brock's ears as she tried her hardest to fight back the chains.

    "You bastard!" The girl yelled, more fearful than anything. "Let me go!"

    A sarcastic smirk appeared across his face as he paced the blood stained basement. Taking to a glance to his captive, he looked at her striped down body, eying her perversely. A small laugh escaped him softly, gearing him to walk back to the female, licking her neck with authority. Nibbling at where her throat was, he leaned into her ear and whispered.
    "Do as I say, and you'll live, sexy." He said with a bit of a douchy tone backing his words. The girl kicked, screamed, and struggled through her chains as Brock went upstairs, shutting the door behind him. "Shut up, bitch..." He muttered to himself, though it was directed to his captive.
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