Personification Challenge #1

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  1. What is a Personification?
    WEEK I

    A personification is giving an object or an animal human-like characteristics. Personifications of objects should have some parts that belong to the object in general. The personification can be a tree, fingers, potato chips, the sun, the color blue, or even happiness. In layman's terms, personifications give human-like characteristics to nouns (people, places, things or ideas).

    So your job is to make a personification of one or more objects, and then write out a role play example that shows them in action. There will be various types of personifications to choose from, and you get to pick any scene with them. There may be restrictions each week.

    Here is an example:

    Perfume (open)

    In order to think of a well-portrayed personification for your character, you would need to:
    • Brainstorm everything you know about the product you want to personify. If you come up with little or no information, you may wish to conduct some research (Wikipedia is a good base for knowledge).
    • If the product in question comes in multiple colors (perfume, lotions, tissues, pencils, etc.) and types, you may wish to narrow it down to a certain brand and/or type of product.
    • Pick out the most prominent characteristics of the product. These characteristics should be present on your personification.
    • BE CREATIVE~! Creativity will make your work shine~!
    • Be very, very careful if you want to personify something that may violate the forum rules.

    DO NOT

    • Try to use personifications that were already done (such as KanColle, Hetalia, etc.) It would sound fishy if you showed a picture of Tenryuu and slapped your name on her, would it not? If you do that, turn yourself in to the police, mate. You just committed plagiarism.
    • Go overboard with the personification and waste your time. If you really want to make a personification of the Civil War or another major event in history, you may wish to narrow it down to a certain Battle of the war. you may take too much time in making your sheet.
    • Try to make things that seem to be overdone or otherwise too generic. If you make a personification of an animal, try to be as creative (and original) as possible. There are so many cat girls and dog boys out there. Why not a boy who has a short temper?
    • Name your character "Milk" or their personification unless if it fits them. For example, if you wanted to make a personification of the Moon, you can call them "Artemis Lunasta" or a name that fits with what you want to personify. You can also name them "Chocolate" if you can't come up with any unique names. Hell, their names don't even have to be related to the personified product!
    YOUR JOB~!

    • Create personifications using these FOUR products
    • You may combine personifications, too (dusty keyboard; cheeseburger backpack, etc)
    • Out of the four products, you MUST personify at least ONE product (or idea).
    • The personification should be original!
    • Write out a character sheet for the personification, and write a writing sample with them in action.
    • You will need to choose wisely~!

    THE PIANO (open)

    A RUBIX CUBE (open)

    A DREAM CATCHER (open)

    DUST (open)


    PERSONIFICATION OF ___________ (Selected item goes in the blank)

    Real Name:
    Birthday: (if applicable)

    RP Sample should go here or anywhere you used the character (be it here or another forum~)​
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    Name: Chordia "Casio" Ivory Cristofori
    Age: 21
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: May 24

    Appearance: Casio is around 5' 6" with huge black eyes and black, back-length hair (which was professionally dyed with white highlights). In reality, her eyes are dark brown, and she wears rectangular, rimless glasses. She usually wears contacts unless if her allergies act up. She is always wearing a golden amulet that swings akin to a pendulum. Casio has a rather large chest (38-D) and has light tanned skin. She is always seen wearing a black and white hat with a treble clef, proclaiming her affinity to music. She is also seen wearing cheerful clothes, but because she has to clean up a lot, she usually wears a striped polo shirt with khakis. Casio has a straight nose with medium-sized triangle shaped nostrils. She also has a birthmark that looks like a musical note on her left cheek. She has high cheekbones, which causes dimples~

    Personality: Casio loves singing songs and playing the piano. She loves pianos to where she thinks of every instrument as "her babies". She will not tolerate horrible musicians, be it for jest or truthfully needing practice. For the reasons above, she is always seen singing around the house. Casio would have worked for a bartender at a bar, in where she has to clean up... ALL THE TIME! Because of the excessive grime on the piano, she has become somewhat of a neat freak. However, she does not take more than two showers a day (partially because of the water bills). She is a vegetarian, and is allergic to pollen and dust.

    Biography: Chordia Cristofori was born in May 24 to a middle class environment in Rome, Italy. At her time, Italy was just undergoing modernization. Her father (Feliciano Cristofori di Chevi) was known for his impeccable piano performances at the opera house. Her mother (Gemma Angelia Cristofori) was a school teacher who taught the disabled children at Adagio Academia. Once she turned the age of one she began to talk and sing to her toys. She always said that everything would be better with music. As such, her parents bought her a kids' piano set and taught her how to play "Danny Boy" on the piano. Ever since that day, she loved playing the pianos and trying them out.

    One day, on her tenth birthday, her father played "Chopin" on the piano. He practiced with feverish enthusiasm. Unfortunately, his heart gave out on him that day, and he had a heart attack. She watched him from afar, and tried to come to her father's rescue, but she couldn't save him. Out of desperation, Casio kissed her father on the cheek saying "I love you" in Italian. Since that day, Casio tried her best to look forthings that interested her such as piano concerts, opera and all classical renditions. With enough money from the funds, Gemma was able to have the family move to New York to attend middle school and partake in the ESL program. She passed with flying colors and went on to high school. Because of her high education in Italy, she was willing to tackle AP classes in several areas except Music and Mathematics. Now, she is a sophomore at the New York University studying liberal arts.

    One day, Casio was cleaning the junk out of the closet. The closet was very claustrophobic and dusty, so she had to hold her nose and do something to suppress a sneeze. Fed up with cleaning Marco's dusty room, she growled "My, oh my... Tutto questo SPAZZATURA! [All of this JUNK!]" She stormed out of the closet with a box of Kleenex. She ripped the top open to wipe her running eyes. When she uncovered her face, she was overwhelmed by a revolting smell of body odor and musty boxes of pizza. It was almost equivalent to scientific formaldehyde (and cat urine). "You can tell that I JUST cleaned this house, did I not?!" She slammed down the duster and stamped her foot down.

    Marco only waved at Casio, which angered the woman even more than deemed necessary. His peremptory response meant a slap in the face. "Yeah, yeah; I'll get i..." Suddenly, Casio decided to press the Depressing button. All of her tears of resentment poured from her eyes. Casio's knees buckled down as if she were melting.

    Casio buried her face on the floor. "You... I invited you here as a house guest. Daddy's piano was a gift for me after he died... you slept in his room, and now it's ruined. So I beg of you, PLEASE... to treat my house better, or the ties are cut...." Her sobbing shook her rib cage, and it made her hold her stomach as she whimpered all over the filth. Now, she cared less if she had to sneeze or not. Casio wanted to feel better; Marco didn't take her orders seriously. Her nose twitched, and she found an idea. She spotted her father's piano, and shut herself up to look at its extravagance. It was a polished ivory and its wooden keys made it akin to walking on air. After two minutes of filth and crying her eyes out, Casio straightened herself up and walked to her father's grand piano. Old as it was, it still warmed her heart to play it. She began to play "Amazing Grace" on E-flat. After thirty seconds of playing that song, she had enough strength to open her heavenly mouth and sing.

    As if God told him to get up, Marco decided to rise from his couch and clean up the dirty dishes and pizza boxes. Casio's soprano voice sounded like an ethereal angel blessing the house. Marco mouthed the words "I'm sorry, babe" when he washed his own filth away and vacuumed the red velvet floors. From the corner of Casio's brown eyes, she saw Marco looking like a refreshed man. He was neither fat nor skinny, but he did have a good heart.

    At one point, Casio stopped singing to sneeze a few times. Marco enjoyed anything from her, even if it was unorthodox to get aroused. "Hac'SHOU! Hah-Ack'SHOU! Ha-ha-TISHOU!" Casio had to excuse herself into the bathroom, where she let out a few more sneezy outbursts. When she returned, she jumped on the bed, feeling tired from today's rendezvous. "My allergy medicine makes me tired, dear. Would you... like to have some time here?" She drummed her long fingernails on the rail of the bed. Casio removed her glasses to reveal big, brown eyes. Her Italian, cat-like purr was enough for Marco to follow her. "Come along now, or bedtime's over~"

    Marco was at first mesmerized at her jaw-dropping beauty, but he immediately rejected her offer. "As much as I'd like to... I already have a girlfriend in Buffalo--,"

    "Nuh..." Casio felt another sneeze coming on, but she pressed her right index finger under her nose, all to no avail. "hi-TCH! Ugh, my allergies are acting up on meh... Huh-ha'KISSHIEW! Huh-TCHOO! See what I mean, cara?" She blew her nose on another tissue from the box. "I guess my singing can do anything, no?"

    Marco hugged the Italian singer, "Well, you kept your mouth shut for a week! I missed your lovely tunes~!"
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    Name: "Serenity"
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human..? (It's a mystery ;D)
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Serenity is a bit of a petite girl, just barely reaching the height of 5'3. She has gentle curves, and is slightly thicker than the average female, though it's barely noticeable. Her eyes glow a blazing blue tint, stunning anyone just by looking at them, and curly, thick black hair that extends to about her waist level. She keeps her right eye embedded behind her hair, feeling that it gives off a mysterious aura from her.
    Personality: She's more of a standout character, despite it not being her intention. Usually more quiet and isolated, she enjoys the simple passions one of her nature would enjoy, be it literature and music. She gets a bit nervous when around others, because she usually isn't around other people too much.
    History: Orphaned at the age of 3, Serenity has nearly always been alone. As a schoolgirl, she'd keep herself away from people, since she never was able to develop genuine social skills. By age 5, she discovered that she could travel into people's dreams and subconscious thoughts as well as travel through different dimensions, making her a "jumper" of sorts. Realizing this power, she'd promised herself that she'd treat it responsibly. However, as she progressed in life, she became more and more reckless, using her ability for mindless fun, even if it's at the expense of others.

    The ballrooom had proved to be a lot colder than the rest of the mansion. Serenity didn't mind though, she welcomed the cold with open arms.

    "You're still here, I see." A voice called out to her through the piercing darkness. "I figured you'd quit screwing around." The voice was male, that fact was unmistakable, a bit monotone, yet also sarcastic.

    "You haven't taken the hint that I don't take orders, I see." Serenity had mouthed off in a bitter response. Sarcasm was something she hadn't used much, so her attempts at it were a tad more harsh than they truly were meant to be. The girl floated around, stalking the room for the source of the unknown voice. Sure enough, a boy had emerged from the depths. His hair shimmering a glint of red from the faint glow of the moon through the glass. His eyes an equally shimmering silver.

    "Anthony..." she'd whispered. "I didn't expect this to be your mind." His thoughts seemed a lot more diverse than his outer personality. Not that it was a bad thing, Serenity honestly preferred this Anthony over douchy and wildly perverse Anthony. It was a humble change.

    "I warned you," Anthony reminded her softly, "There's a lot you don't know about me..." The words escaped his lips into the gentle winds that flowed through the wooden floorboards, as he disappeared into the fading light shining in from the window.

    (Sorry, on mobile, otherwise this would be a lot better.)
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  4. [​IMG]

    Rubik's Cube. Square. Puzzle. Small cubes make up a large cube. Colors. Six colors. Red, orange, green, blue, yellow, white - all together Brown. Twisting. Changing. Combination of all colors or solid colors. Frustrating. Give-up on. Only the most persistent can complete. Confusing. Brain power. Thought. Patience.

    Real Name: Constance Brown
    Name: Cece Brown
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Appearance/Personality/Lifestyle: Cece is short and mildly slender, something she has to work very hard at so she doesn't look like a square, because of her short height. In order to achieve her fitness goals, Cece likes to participate in belly dancing, swimming or martial arts, depending on her mood; she loves the feeling of twisting and churning through the air or water. She is often seen wearing odd outfits. Cece will never wear just one color, she prefers loud and attention-drawing color combinations. Her lifestyle is that of a gypsy. Although she is not physically part of a caravan, she never stays in one place for too long.

    Constance flip-flops constantly on whether she wants to be addressed as Cece or Constance. When she adores Cece, she hates Constance. And when she is infatuated with Constance, she will flat out refuse to answer to Cece. Many of her past lovers describe her as the puzzle that will never be solved; she is constantly changing. One man came dangerously close to solving all her inconsistencies and unraveling all her secrets. This was the man Constance left, waiting at the alter, on the day of their wedding. Yet another puzzle left unsolved.

    Cece has the emotional stability of a raging sea. She feels emotions very intensely and they tend to frustrate and consume her with their constant changes. When most of us feel sad, we can usually understand the root of our sadness and choose to stay in our current state or change. Constance doesn't only "feel" sad; to the fullest extent, she also smells sadness, tastes depression and even sees desperation. Often times in her journal she will link these feelings to colors. Blue: Sadness, desperation, depression Red: Love, passion, infatuation Orange: Anger, frustration, challenge Green: Calm, relaxation, quiet Yellow: Happiness, excitement, anticipation White: Isolation, emptiness, nothing.

    Not only does Constance feels these emotions deeply, but they are all constantly raging and changing inside of her without her permission. Sometimes she wishes that she could just scramble them all together. Even though she knows that would make her emotions constantly flat-line, she would rather constantly feel like muddy-brown, than the rainbow she often fights against.


    Roleplay Example:

    Constance Brown
    May 12, 2009
    St. Mary's Church


    Constance peeked through the sprawling oak doors that divided her from the large gathering on the other side. Nearly all the pews were filled and a low hum of excited voices murmured on the other side. As her eyes made their way up to the front of the chapel, her gaze settled on him. The one. There he stood, with his immaculately tailored tuxedo, being illuminated perfectly by the clerestory windows surrounding him. He was the one, she reminded herself. The one who had taken the time to unravel her secrets. The one who, despite the inordinate amount of frustration, stood by her side when her rage would take over. He was the one who had solved her. He was her missing puzzle piece, the reason why up until now life didn't and couldn't make sense.

    She closed the cracked distance between the two doors and stood up straight. Her eyes traced the millions of miles of lace between her head and the floor. This was it. Her heart began to thump as the organ began belting out a well known procession. Her breath was labored and frantic. Colors swam around her, oranges of frustration, confusion and panic. She couldn't do this, no matter how perfect it was. She turned away from the doors, without pause, hailed a taxi and left. Forever.

    She was a puzzle that wasn't supposed to be solved.
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