Personality Traits Chart!

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  1. I have done with playing cards, but my tarot decks come from Book-A-Million or Barnes & Noble.
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  2. My brother released their first single in november and it's been one of my favorite songs ever since.

    I went and translated the lyrics for those who want to know what they are saying.
    (They sound pretty nonsense in english, even though it works in finnish much better :P)

    Devil's Top
    Steeds dig a pit of war throughout the land
    One two cough toil harder in the pace of the whip
    Don't be afraid small child, it only wants to hurt
    Last rhymes of the short rhyme, that just commands
    Surrender,surrender or i will take you to gates of hell
    Don't forget, what lifts you up, also makes you fall
    We have already passed rounds as many of these
    Completely unfamiliar feet aching, already praying for mercy
    Top is spinning in the beat, but someone doesn't want to stop
    Everyone else already barfs and you yell 'more speed!'
    Can't you do any better
    Do i need to help

    I have to add one band to this list of artists that is something i think everyone has to at least give a try to at least once: Tool
  3. "You are. You're incredibly young and so full of potential."