Personal Habits

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  1. What are the personal habits you exhibit on a daily basis? If you could change them, what would they be? Do you enjoy your habits, are they constructive or detrimental?

    My personal habits is that when I get bored, or just tired, for that matter, I tend to lurk. When I lurk, I always get a stray thought in my mind. An inquirey, if you will. So, I look it up, and along the way, I tangent. The tangent tangents, until I get bored.

    For example:
    I was listening to FOB music on youtube. I usually scan the comments for information relating to the song, but sometimes something else catches my interest. I saw that someone commented a smidgeon of a blog post from Pete Wentz. Out of curiosity, I tried googling their tumblr. Failed a couple times until coming to an official web page. Strolled through that, until I saw that there were more blog post website listings on the side. Clicked on one, went to a tumblr. Browsed through that, and got a notion for a query I wished to ask. I was inable, to tried hunting for other means to ask my query. Along the way I find interesting snippets of information, and expand on them while still hunting for my main reason of actually being on that site in the first place. Eventually, I post it when there were no other means to, and called it a night after listening to some more music of the same band.

    I would probably change it to being something more productive rather than stalking random things. But, aside from that, I would have to say that the pursuit of knowledge in this case is rather neutral.
  2. I know one very bad habit of mine: I sit in front of the computer continuously clicking refresh, expecting something breath-taking to happen ⊙▽⊙

    ...And usually... I end up wasting a lot of time that I could have been doing something else, because alas, nothing happens... ヽ(・_・;)ノ And I don't know why, but even though I know this fact, I still refresh *dies*
  3. I have THE SAME HABIT. Y_Y
  4. I have a habit of drinking juice and such out of the carton.
  5. Actually, it's more of an addiction than a habit XDDD
  6. I have a habit of selling myself short and it annoys my friends who see through it. I also have a habit of occasionally over explaining things when I shouldn't and I always feel like I must be annoying the other person, or making them think I believe they're stupid and I so don't. It's just a weird quirk and I really don't like being misunderstood. misunderstandings cause way too many problems ._.
  7. You never have to sell yourself short in front of me, you never have to hold back what you need to say, and you will never be stupid to me! *hugs you* o(^^o)
  8. I have a habit of keeping my gecko in my shirt to keep him warm, but forget about him when people come over, and when I got to take him out, they're all like, "WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM"...and I'm like.... "MY shirt, D'uh."

    I mean, obviously.
  9. I have a habit of flipping my bangs over my face when I am embarrassed or blushing in attempts to shroud my face.

    It fails.
  10. Awww that's adorable Iliana :3

    My habbit is that I can't stop refreshing the page or be paitient for a reply sometimes. It makes me feel like a jerk ;_;
  11. Thanks to my seamstress grandmother, whenever I put my hands in drawers, I feel the bottom of it before rummaging around.
    Needles hurt, kids. xD
  12. I have a bad habit of saying how i feel by saying happy face sad face or mad face for example. YAY! we get to hang out! HAPPY FACE! The I proceed to show such face my facial expression >.<.
    Then I also have a bad habit of instead of laughing like a regular person, I laugh and say LOL at the same time. No I don't say L-O-L I make it sound like a word. >.<
  13. If I had a conversation with someone and it struck me as interesting enough, I end up repeating the conversation in my head and I end up mouthing/very quietly muttering the word. Little awkward.

    When I'm upset I also repeat song lyrics from The Postal Service to distract myself so I don't start crying. And I chew on my nails and the cuticles around it... it's not the most glamorous thing, but it's just a compulsion I have. Workin on it.
  14. I do have some positive and negative habits. The one is wish to put in the spotlight is this: I am that friend who will always helps, but I also refuse help. =/
  15. I have a habit of being modest. It can be both a good or bad thing for me.